All She Wants

You would give her the world, all she wants is your smile,
You would take her places across countless miles,
When all she wants is still your smile.

You would shower her with silver, diamonds and gold, all she wants is you to both grow old,
You would give her the life of that of a Queen,
When all she still wants to grow old with you and be seen.

You would buy her love because it’s that which you yearn, all she wants is you to learn,
You would try and take that which can only be given,
Now she walks away and you’re never forgiven.

You should have listened, you should have learned, you should have grown,
All she wanted was your feelings to be shown.

rage unbound

He lets our an earth shattering roar,
The skies darken and growl like a caged beast,
Anger unbound knows no limits.
His rage consumes the land leaving nothing but ashes,
Silence falls,
The skies clear,
His rage still remains buried deep until it is needed once again.

Sun & Sky

The sun and the sky,

They never question why,

There presence and warmth we can always rely,

This is the gift for those who look up high.

Time stands still,

The light grows stronger,

They take a deep breath and prepare for the thrill.


“She wants to set me free and release me from the endless cycle of death and rebirth so my soul can rest. She cannot help but hold on tight, never wanting to let go constantly saving me from death when it is looming over me.”

“She is a living contradiction, she is the beautiful chaos that resided in my heart, she is the reason for my sorrow and my joy.”

“She is my goddess.”



Smile tomorrow’s a new day,

new memories are born.

Old memories fade away,

you’re no longer torn.

Look to the future with smiles and glee,

life starts now it’s time to be free.

Forget the pain the held your heart,

Let go of your fear and step out of the dark.