Like a memory only not….

There was once a time where people could, would, should disagree because that’s where growth of mind is born.

Yet even when this happened the very same people who had differing opinions would fight for the right of the other person who they may or may not have agreed with to have said opinion.

Not now though.

Not now.

Now you will be silenced with fear, shame and censorship because apparently words that don’t fit the narrative, regardless of whether they are true mis the silenced, the script must be appeased.

The world is treading in to dangerous territories, casting our and forbidding certain text and history to be shared.

Erasing the past and with it all the lessons and warning it held.

To me this means something terrible is coming and that which is doesn’t want people recognising it.

1984, equilibrium, the book of ely and all other dystopian films are seeming less like fiction as each day passes.

Something is coming, something bad and the worst part is it’s happened before, many times over and just like before it was scrubbed from the minds, hearts and memories of all history so that it could happen again.

Dangerous times are ahead.

Remember this.



Someone closed asked me for the truth
The asked why I bury so much
So I told them
Reduced to tears at what was said
Now they know why I don’t tell people
Some truths are too difficult a burden for people to carry
Thus those are the ones we shoulder ourselves
Not for some heroic reason but because we have no other choice
Less we end up showering the floor with tears

Man Bun

Man with the bun on top your head
Woke you are with talk of Peace, Love & Utopia
Yet ignore the waiting staff you do
Ignorant and rude to them you are
Your date has yet to notice you’re not a rare Blue Rose but a venue flytrap
My place it is not to save her from this folly
Just know I see you
It’s like looking in to a broken mirror from a past I’d rather forget
Lament and regret filling the cracks
Redemption sought yet never found, remember this when you’re old and bald
Man with the bun on top your head


Beyond Fixing

The world is becoming more broken as each day passes.

People champion the need for equality, even when it’s never really equal.

Everyone wants to be considered unique and yet no one wants to take individual responsibility.

I’ve had enough of this life because it’s just so backwards now.

All I got was a face full of mud & concussion

Last night I went for a walk
It was nice
Peaceful, quite and still
I found a really nice tree
Climbed it I did
Sat on a branch for a while
It was a strong branch
The rope was tied
Off I fell
Taut it went
Immediate bliss and euphoria
Hanging there all I did was wait
Patiently and content
It got darker and I started to slide
Towards the end of the branch
Snap it went
Face first in to the mud I fell
The back of my head the branch hit
Lay there I did
For hours it must have been
The sun began to rise
Second chances
I guess I shouldn’t waste life anymore

Push it real good.

No one ever seems to believe you when you tell the truth, it’s quite ironic really.

I push people away because it’s easier than exposing them to the pathetic place I call my inner world, drowned in melancholy it isn’t any good for anyone, that is why I push.

Some would think it’s because I’m playing a mysterious and broody character to add n unknown element to the hunt, sadly I’m not that smart, just ad of how its all panned out in the end.

Now stop reading this drivel and get back to enjoying your time, 🙂