There was a moment

Only brief, but it was there

Upon releasing the penny from between my fingers

It remained there, before it fell

Still, as if captured in a photograph

For a brief moment time stopped

Nothing left to come, Nothing more to be left behind

For a brief moment

I forgot

For a brief moment

I was….



Desperate Faith 

I can tell you how to find what it is you’re looking for.


To find what you seek you need to have faith. 
Those who desperately look just end up looking desperate, for anything… any scrap of emotion they can get hold of and whatever they find simply falls apart because they were in too much haste to find something that can only be acquired through time. 

Once you find it though, that’s where you must nurture it with honest and more time. If you do, you’ll have what you seek. 

Trust me. 

Blind Sight

There is a lesson in everything we see, hear and experience but we don’t awakes see it.

Have you ever wondered why?


The time of roy to learn that lesson hasn’t come yet. You’re not mature enough to understand it, nor are your strong enough to carry the weight of its message for if you tried you would be crushed under the weight of it’s truth.

It doesn’t matter what, who, when, where of how this less finds you because you won’t understand it until you’re ready to open your eyes and look past your own blindness and see that which is stood right in front of you.

The lessons are there, to benefit from their wisdom you must first fail to understand them. Only then will you be ready to learn.

It’s All About Time

It’s all in the timing.

The situations we are confronted with in life, who we turn to, who we see as the hero or the villain, is all largely dependent on the timing. This is an inconvenient truth that people will deny because it doesn’t suit them to believe it, even though it’s true.

I have been in various situations with skewed vision, but when you sit and look back it becomes very clear what was really going on.

One of those ‘kinda friends’ is in a situation where she is scared of being alone. Reading her messages I can see confusion, a lost little girls searching for the yellow brick road that’s buried under the muddy leaves. She will not admit it, she defends her views ferociously, it’s something she isn’t ready to accept yet but in time she will see that she doesn’t miss the person, she missing the feeling.

Feelings can be recreated, all it takes is the right conditions at the right time and the person who you thought was your one true love becomes nothing but a distant memory.

One thing I’ve learnt is that life is one giant experiment, like a science project in a lab all it takes is an accident to create a miracle or a disaster. Too many people try to force the conditions, but life just doesn’t work that way.

Life will either fall in to place or fall apart, you don’t get the choice of which. You’re merely swept along, caught in the current. The river might be straight and uneventful, or it might be filled rocks, jagged edges and danger at every turn, just sit back and see what comes your way and deal with it when it happens.

The young and naive views of the inexperienced is like looking in a mirror.

When I was 18 I knew far more than I do now. At 18 I had it all figured out, the world, life, relationships, simply everything and then I ‘fell in love’ well, for the first time anyway and it all changed. I built a business, I worked several jobs, I grew up and the cruel irony of it all is the more I learnt the more I didn’t know, nor would I ever know.

We were all young once, but we didn’t understand what it meant.
Do I sound condescending?

Probably. I’m sure there are people far younger than me who know far more and have had far more life experience, but does it matter?


All that matters in the end is you realised your own ignorance, your own mortality and you don’t know what you think you know and you never will.

In the end, it’s all about time.