More needless thoughts

You may have guessed that I’m steeped in thought today.

Do you ever feel ungrateful?

In essence I’ve got pretty much everyone anyone could want, while it many not really be that much, it’s more than enough.

Yet in this same thought there is the fear that someone somewhere is plotting to take it all away, so that once again I’m left with nothing, it would be nice to know where this fear comes from because it bugs me.

To constantly have enough yet seemingly want more, such avarice.

Such confusion.


Do you want to scream as well?

Do you ever have those days where you just want to scream?

What  makes you feel this way I do wonder.

Is it the state of affairs, perhaps the mountain of negativity, maybe the endless amount of idiots that now have a voice thanks to the glory of technology, I do wonder.

Ugh, we are so very mundane.

To break this mental cycle would be a blessing, yet once that level has be passed by, what will be above it, something better,worse or exactly the same except you’re now seeing it from higher up.

So many questions for a restless mind, so many indeed.



Did you know it’s okay not to like people.

You don’t need to be nice to everyone.

There are times where ignoring the bullshit of others is a great option.

The you also have the option of telling them how much of a fool they are, or not.

These days we don’t tell enough people how truly annoying they are, not for any other reason than we don’t want to be seen as a nasty or bad person.

Perhaps it’s time to drop your facade and accept you’re a cunt.

Don’t worry though, you’re not alone, I’m a cunt too, we can be cunts together 🙂


Going Backwards

This week has been one where a real distaste for humanity has kicked in.

So many excuses, so much bullshit, just endless bollocks and people getting offended.

What happened to having a thick skin?

When did we become so weak, so fragile and in need of a safe space at every mere mention of conflict or disagreement.

We’ve fucked up, really, we have. Isn’t each day meant to take us forwards? To help propel us in to the great beyond and grow as a culture, or rather a species?

It seems we’re going backwards at an alarming rate in some areas, especially that of social interaction and being able to sit and have a discussion with people who perhaps don’t share our views.

Such things make you quite sad and very tired of it all.

Words of Ren

“Let the past die, kill it… if you have to. It’s the only way to become what you are meant to be.”

An interesting quote from a film that has people slit down the middle.

The Last Jedi, some loved it, others hated it. Personally I loved it because to me it’s about embracing change, finding a place, knowing there will always be a path to follow.

It’s understandable why many didn’t like it, they’re die hard fans of old and also those that don’t like or accept change willingly, and this is fine, however they seem to forget it’s just a story. Nothing more than the imaginary world someone created and as such it can be what ever people want it to be.

If you don’t like the new then stick with the old, it’s that simple. There is no need to get so butt hurt or a film, after all, it’s just a film.

I’ve always enjoyed the philosophical elements of Star Wars, or at least as I’ve grown older, as a kid it was all about lifting rocks and laser swords.

The concept of the Jedi, the Sith and everything in between, it’s fascinating.

If you think about it people rarely fall in to one category or the other.

I said to a friend a long time ago, life might be black and white, however peoples perspective will always be different shades of grey.

If you watch the film try to see the bigger picture, the deeper message of it all – balance, it’s about finding balance.

As for what the young Kylo-Ren had to say, that hit home because the only way to move forwards is to change and letting go of the past, even killing it if you have to, metaphorically speaking of course.

Give it some thought, you might learn something about yourself.