Having a mind of your own is said to now be seen as a crime
Going against the group, heresy
This has always been the case, don’t be fooled by popular opinion
Seek truth, always.



Why is it we talk of peace yet always resort to exact opposite to survive?

Are we so blind as not to see our own hypocrisy….

Hidden Depths

A face seen from afar
Stolen with a kiss
Mansion set atop a cliff engulfed by wind, rain and storm
Someone lurking in the sea watching
Lightning pierces through the cliff face into the ocean rending it to nothing
A lower level of the building revealed, sunken and thought lost
Inside conflict among people numbering three
Death, surrender and power revealed
Steeping out in to the rain I fly away
Heading towards something I can see but can’t make out
Lightning strikes again
Time to wake up

Random Chat

“I’d gladly give up my life without hesitation if it meant ridding the world of all evil.”

As nobel as that sounded it made me wonder what insurmountable guilt they must be carrying around to feel that their only source of redemption would come from such a sacrifice.

The want to be redeemed, forgiven or let go of ones sins can be quite the burden to carry.

Sticks & Stones, Luv.

What have you been called by people over the years?

Angry, depressed, tormented, conflicted, sad, melancholy, distracted, evil, cruel, lost, broken and many more that essentially link to the same roots.

If you could find the point from which it all stems would you have the strength to pull it out?

Especially if it meant you’d die a little inside.

Best start digging because the only way to know is to stare that choice in the face.


Rotting Mind

Distraction is sometimes the best way to keep yourself moving forwards.

Thinking is certainly overrated, especially when each time you end up coming to conclusions that are hard to swallow as a thought and even more difficult to live through when they happen.

It’s easy to see why people become addicted to drugs, alcohol and other such things.

Numbing the pain of thought and separating us from reality.

When life is so cruel what other choice have we?

I don’t know and it doesn’t really matter. These are merely ramblings that need to come out less they fester in the depths and becomes something worse.

As they used to say; better out than in.