Drama drama drama

It’s funny how people create their own drama because of how bored they are with their life.

Now there are genuine times in peoples lives where they do struggle and you can normally tell when this is happening, how? Because they don’t shout and scream about it.

The modern generation of “Ugh, I can’t even. What a twat, Im so angry” and the classic responses or “OMG babe, what’s up, PM me? – what utter bollocks.

If the shit hit the fan in your life I can guarantee you won’t want people knowing about it, these needless cries for attention are pathetic and can actually detract from those who genuinely need help.

What a terribly self-centred species we’ve become.

Of course my little rants are only my own views and I expect nothing to come of them for the simple fact that I don’t care enough about the masses to help them out of their own self-indulgent mess.

Rant over.





Humanities Debt

Do you ever wonder what’s going to happen when everything we have finally runs out?

The fuels we burn at alarming rates

The forests we destroy in the thousands to replace with our concrete jungles

The fish in the sea we push to extinction because we don’t care, we just want our abundance of them

While this will mostly likely not affect me, you, your kinds or even your grandchildren, it will hit us in the end however knowing that fact means that the people not h world as it is now will continue to be¬†frivolous because it won’t have any really effect on the now.

What a selfish species we are.

Even though we’ve created so much and continue to do great things in some regards, we’re doing it at a large cost to the future.

Struggle as the echo-warriors do, they won’t change anything because while any would support the righteousness of their desire for a better world, they wound’t support if, not really.

If you were to ask people to give up their lives of comfort and return to the stone age as it were, to a time where everyone had to work in synergistic harmony with one another they’d fight to keep their creature comforts, people who have power only fear one thing – losing that power.

To keep their privilege and inherited success they’d watch us all burn.

Kings, Queens, Warlords, anyone of any significance has proven this fact time and again, if you look back as the ¬†version history we’re allowed to remember you’ll see as much is true.

In that knowledge I know the world will never change, it will only break, well, potentially break.

I can’t see in to the future, however if I could live forever I’d be interested to see what the seeds of our own greed sown in today sprout in the days of tomorrow.

One day humanity will fall, then and only then will our dept be paid.

What even matters?

When it comes to what matters, what’s the answer?

It’s quite easy to see why people who begin to become detached from things that don’t matter the further away from ‘normal’ they become.

If you look back through people who founded the thoughts of philosophy, or even just free thinking, you’ll find most of them met some harsh critique.

As intelligent as we have become we’ve never been more naive in retrospect.

We’re still animals, just intelligent ones. Kept in guided cages, controlled by material treats and we can’t even see it.

In the past all that mattered was survival, this is not longer the past, so what matters now?



Looking down

Funny how people say things like “I won’t ever forget where I came from” and then being to spout how successful hey are and look down upon those around them.

Such a lovely bunch we humans are.

Obviously it’s your choice to become such a person, just remember, those who knew you before won’t forget when you came crawling for help.

Stay humble, or don’t, it’s your choice.

Green tea with a tree

Being sat under a tree to hide from the rain is something I’ve not done in a long time.

It beings back some rather vivid memories it has to be said.

Those ones in particular were akin to that of a movie scene, not the sort of thing to happen to the likes of me, I guess that’s why everything went the way it did. The movie wasn’t meant to be anything other than what it was, a tragedy.

I do enjoy reminiscing, it helps one understand the inner workings of the world that no one else sees but you and shows us just who we really are. The hard part from that is just accepting it.

So much distraction, so much to do, so much to reach for, it’s a worthy cause for my attention and also the reason that I will be content in just being.

There is only place for one in this world, where I have created and destroyed so much.

It’s a fitting place for me and I’m okay with that.

Are you okay with yours?

I’m ignorant beyond belief

What is the meaning of life?

A typical question that is subject to an infinite amount of answers due to a persons individual perception, values and beliefs.

Yet in the end, what does it matter, really?

Given the state of the world and what some people believe there is chaos everywhere, most of use are just lucky enough never to be exposed to it, not really.

We are given small glimpses, small tastes of it, however if we were to become full submersed in what actually is ‘our world’ I think we’d all go mad.

We’d begin asking questions such as “What is truth?” because when people have their own conception of their own version of it, it can make us question our own because who is really right.

We can only base right, wrong and anything else on our own values, beliefs, morals and perceptions, and in that way potentially remain chained down by something that isn’t even there.

Did you know that in some first world countries it’s illegal to live off the grid, to feed for yourself because someone said so. Someone declared that because you no longer provide them with money int he form of taxes and have stepped away form conformity and social norm that you’re now no longer worthy of fair and equal treatment, yet have you really done anything wrong?

Who decides what is and what isn’t?

Even now as I write this I’m doing so on a fancy lap top, in an equally pretentious coffee shop, obviously to what is beyond my knowledge and comprehension and yet knowing this changes nothing because like many I’m just caught in the machine of modern life, a free slave as it were.

It’s sadly funny that even when we know, we don’t care, not really.

We say enough of the right things to make it seem like we care, when in reality we’re just happy milling along unaware of what we don’t know because it’s always easier to live in ignorance. Many would disagree, however as you might be able to tell, I don’t give a shit.

My life is just a series of tasks to pass the time until I die.

Which is all anyones life is really.