Do you ever stop and watch the birds?

Flying here to there,
Gathering what they need,
Living the life meant for them,

Not bound by cage walls, free to fly away if they didn’t choose to stay,

Do you ever stop and watch the birds?

Excuse & Opportunity

You’ll always have another excuse to use however there won’t always be another opportunity to use it, you see opportunities are not unlimited in their supply, unlike excuses so don’t waste the ones that come your way.


We can live a thousand different lives and fail in each and every one
Lifetimes of wisdom and experience at our disposal
Yet the same road we choose to walk
Each time hoping it will be different
Perhaps, one day….
Let us come together, live another thousand lifetimes, maybe we’ll find out that we fail in each and every one

Life must go on

Regardless of the choices we make in this life and for what reasons they were made, someone will feel put out because in our world it is just that, our world.

When our world isn’t as we envision a bitter taste is left behind, negative emotions fuel the now purple flame that replaced the one prior.

Rendering all asunder.


Lingering Poem

A mind you become obsessed in understanding
Eyes you can get lost in while you lose yourself
Lips more tempting to kiss than ones will can handle
They’re often everything you want, not what you need

Thrice this life has given me this
Each time leaving me to choose want and desire
Will this time be different or much of the same as before

When asked to what was once a heart on a spike it was done
Time and again it was left to wither and rot

Perhaps it’s time for the dreamer to finally wake up and stop dragging those whoa re more they he deserves into the nightmare called ‘his life’…. Yea, maybe this time it will be different, right?