Dreams in Dreams in Dreams

It was a dream of a dream within a dream, buried deep in another dream.

A purple dress
Spiders bursting from my body
Cleansing violet flames burning fiercely underwater
Face of all the ones I’ve loved, used and left in my life
One door I’d never seen before
A true fear revealed

Behind the door, a memory from a long forgotten past, filled with feelings I’d forgotten I could ever feel again and at the heart of them all there she was

Someone I’ve never met yet know like I know myself

My anima

Her lips spoke silent words, mouthing each one clearly so that even though there was no sound I could hear them

Words that have since left me, yet still reverberate with a deafening radiance

Dreams are a funny thing, they give us the all the answers we seek, so long as we can grab them before they fade

All those that have come to me of late are saying the same thing in one way or another

Water & a World in Ruins

It’s all so clear what it means, to me, to my selfish life, it’s the way.

Water & Flame

Back to back nights, everything was submerged in water
Breathing was easy
Movement was free
In this place finally nothing chased me
A world beneath the one above
My world
Illuminated by purple flame in the distance of the abyss
Is this the place I can find my peace?