What is a Blog?

What is a blog?

A blog is a place we care share our thoughts, our hopes and our dreams. 

It is also a place where you will find the darkest thoughts imaginable, crippling fears and scars of the heart which never healed. 

Despite all of what you might find a blog is a place where people can feel they belong. A place where they’re treated with empathy and understanding, never judged for what they may have done, good it’s bad. Simply accepted.

A blog is a home filled with people just like you. 

Above all else, a blog is a place where no one ever has to feel alone. 

A Lesson in Pain

The greatest works of the world come from the most fractured minds, the most wounded souls, the one with broken hearts.


They see the world for what it is.

They see people for who they are.

They know the value of lessons and the pain from those lessons.

A lesson without pain is meaningless, but one with great pain will make you grow stronger, wiser & kinder. 

If you can struggle through the pain of the lesson you will have the strength to endure, you will have all the strength you ever need to know this one truth:

No matter how painful the lesson, you will be ok. 

The FORCE of Habit

We all possess habits.

Some are good, some are bad. Others are indifferent, but many are for comfort.

Perhaps this is why we struggle to make new habits and break free of the old ones… we are just too comfortable.

Comfort is not necessarily a bad thing, yet it can force us in to situations of stagnation and boredom. It is those circumstances that lead ultimately to depression. We end up living in the past, thinking about the ‘what if’s’ rather than taking the chances in the now.

I am a lot like everyone else. I have my habits, I have my comforts, I have the chance to change them but I don’t. Much like a bird that can fly anywhere in the world but doesn’t.

Modern life has made the world soft, weak, depressed and worst of all reliant on our habits of culture.

“Never bite the hand that feeds you.”

“Be thankful for what you’ve got, some people are worse off.”

‘Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.”

Some of the most famous sayings in the world with one thing in common;

Be thankful for your comfort… Be thankful for what you have and never want for more and above all else, don’t break from your habits because they keep you safe.

Habits don’t keep you safe, they keep you in the place you’ve always been.

Is that really what YOU want?