Hair as white as snow
Eyes of electric blue
Her beauty hides the malice she does not show

Only every other word spoken is true
The ego does flow
Her company has no clue

Men gather for the show
Living trophies
They all appease her rampant ego

Her smile is fake, her eyes lonely
She stares at me
This beautiful girl called Sophie

Nowhere to hide because I can see
Everything you hide can’t be hidden from me.

Paid & Unspoken

The soul hath a shattered mind,
Tattered and broken,
Time after time.

On this token,
The debt is paid,
Words unspoken.

Choices made,
Better start walking,
Here starts the brutal cascade.

No more talking,
Moving on,
Walls are falling.

I hear it calling,
Lets leave behind the world that’s stalling.


Around and around we go
Spinning out of control
With what to show?

A beaten soul
A broken heart
A hefty toll

The cut leave not a mark
Hidden from all
We lay awake in the dark

We hesitate, we stall
Feeling alone
No where to run, no one to call

One is cold like a fallen stone
One is warm waiting for love to be shown.

Young Loves Blossom

The story is always the same
Again young love blossoms before my eyes
Her smile illuminates the room
He too smiles, he waits, he tries.

Their hands touch
The friend who loves, he hides in plain sight
A playful laugh
Sadly giving up, never willing to fight.

The connection is real
He will be the loving friend, always adored
Her eyes are set one someone else
He will be the loving friend and nothing more.


Success makes them change
People grow
So different, so strange

The mood shifts too and throw
Grace is forgotten
Bitter success is left to show

The heart becomes rotten
Achievement destroys their soul
Words now filled with fluff and cotton

Attitudes become foul
Personalities begin to crumble
Smiles turn to scowls

Be Humble
Be Humble

The Wild Dog Sleeps

The wild dog sleeps in the silence
The impeding dawn is sure to rile the animal
The law will be broken by its defiance

A body will sleep at the bottom of a canal
Silence will call
A person will stand before jude, jury and the panel

Pride held high, standing tall
All keep a weathering eye
Here comes the trip, the stumble, the fall

Listen to the spouting of lies
It jumps, it bites
Tears will be shed, many will cry

It won’t let go, it’s grip to tight
To to stop, to stand, to fight.

A Rare Sight

A rare sight that was to see
The look of happiness with a hint of more
It’s exactly the same when they look at me

They turn and smile walking out the door
Thoughts a clear as day
Memories stir of times before

Friends is what we stay
Long chosen in the times of old
A sensible choice to be that way

Reminiscing stories of being bold
I pray for her future, her happiness, for her to fall in love
Warming smiles ease the chilling cold

I hope she takes the chance given from above
I hope she doesn’t stay trapped like a caged dove