Young Lovers

It’s just like watching a movie unfold before my eyes.

He tells a joke, she laughs uncontrollably. The baby on the table next to them drops it’s toy and smiles gloriously as the young girl picks it up and hands it back.

It’s just like you would picture it.

I wonder what their story holds in future scenes, because invariably there will be the third act twist. Will he have had a girlfriend all along, will she fall in love only to be jilted like so many before her or maybe, just maybe she will be the one to break his heart in two…

What a story that would make.

He would struggle to prove his worth, taking on all the challenges to win her back and then in the end they would end up together and live happily ever after. Well, at least that’s what books, movies, plays and satires would have you believe. Sadly real life isn’t like the movies, not matter how much we wish it was.

It’s there for them though. They share a tender moment, each starts to let down their guard just that little bit, just enough to show a glimpse of what lies beneath. Just enough to show the other that once the initial flurry or emotion is gone there’s still more to know.

I think that is our problem really. We hold back too much, or not…

It’s a tricky situation it has to be said. Do we drop the guard and expose it all for the fear of rejection, or do we keep little back until the time is right. Decisions decisions.

My advise to these two would be to live for the now. Give everything you have, but not everything you are. Hold just enough back so that the ones who are worth it will know that they’re different because they get to see it all. It is only my hope that these two who’s story unfolds before my eyes both feel the same, otherwise like the great play that is life someone is going to get hurt because someone has too.

The universe demands balance.

Life itself depends on it.

Too much of something and we’re overwhelmed, not enough and we fail to thrive, as with everything there needs to be balance, it has to be just right otherwise nothing works.  Or at least that’s how I see it.

The Balance Broken

The Balance:

He stands in the shadows, dressed head to to in white, almost angelic in his stature and grace.

“Come to me my right hand.”

Glancing over his shoulder towards his king, he leaves the shadows and takes to his knee in dutiful respect.

“You have served me well, now it is time to collect your reward; your eternal reward…”

Peering through his long golden fringe he sees the blade falling towards him like a guillotine, unflinching he holds his nerve. The blade draws ever closer yet still he doesn’t more.

The sword severs him in two…

“Come to me my right hand.”

Glancing over his shoulder towards his king, he leaves the shadows and takes to his knee in dutiful respect.

“You have served me well, now it is time to collect your reward; your eternal reward…”

Peering through his long golden fringe he sees the blade falling towards him like a guillotine, unflinching he holds his nerve. The blade draws ever closer yet still he doesn’t more.

Then, suddenly he stops the blade with a mere finger, it was as if the blade was nothing more than a butterfly that had just landing gently.

“Bahahahaha. Magnificent! How many battles have I won by your single hand? Tell me Atalante, how many has it been?”

His head stays down, but once again his eyes pierce through his golden fringe and lock on to the king with a fierce glare.

“All of them my lord.”

Subtle Betrayal:

A familiar sound echoes from my herald, I await his council to see what delight awaits me.


I was greeted by an attempt at humour, but the message was clear, I had been betrayed. I ask not for the world, but simple loyalty from those who I have tried to help and do right by, sadly I am often met with disappointment and this time was no exception.

My soldiers, my troops, my brethren…. Slowly, one by one, they all left me and were swept from the board; all but two that is. My Knight and my Queen were all that was left, loyal until the end.

It makes me sad to think that all I sacrificed for them was for naught, in the end I was left without an army.

Worst of all, they had defected to the castle that banished me. Swayed by warmth, comfort and empty promises, the weak has been unmasked.

The ultimate betrayal is not to be stabbed in the back, it is to be deserted.

Books Galore

After a conversation this morning with Sabiscuit ( I started to realise something.

For many people it doesn’t matter if their opinion is accepted by hundreds of thousands or by just one person, as long as it’s accepted.

Humans by nature are pack animals. In times of need we huddle together to survive the impending trouble, it is in this group we find comfort, it is in this group we devote our lives and sacrifice our sense of individuality.

It is in this group we allow ourselves to be assimilated in to the collective brain.  

I guess for some people it’s enough to be apart of something else, to lose individuality.

But, what they forget is that only the strong survive because they make sacrifices at the expense of the group.


I haven’t read a book in years, I came to realise this while looking at my bookshelf. In today’s world we don’t have any need to make a choice on which book we take with us, we can have them all at the mere touch of a button.
My books have been sorted on kindle for several years now, no matter where I am they always come with me and have been a gift at relieving boredom on more than one occasion. But I wonder if the fact that because books are now electronic they have lost a part of their wonder?

I remember the days when the excitement of turning was almost too much, those days when we had to stop ourselves skipping ahead because we could see the forthcoming chapters teasing us to sneak a peak. Now though it’s a simple swipe of the screen, there doesn’t seem to be the same intent need to look ahead anymore… Perhaps it’s because there are no pager to look forwards too, only the same screen and different words to stare at.

It pleases me though to look though my books and know that I have read them all. To know what is contained in each of them and how they have helped me grow and learn over the years. If you’re wondering what my books consist of I’m afraid you may be disappointed, but I shall let you in and tell you regardless.

My books are those of the mind and the body.

Anatomy, Psychology, Body Language, Business, Poetry and Philosophy. Not quite what some would consider exciting, but they have helped my to no end, once you understand how it all works you are better suited to help yourself and the others around you.

Stories are fun, but the best story is the one we live each day and the more we know the more detailed it becomes.

Another 400 Random Words

Requiems Folly

The dust has settled, the air holds a beautiful silence and all they can see is a me… lying there, lifeless and pale with a sword through my chest, I had lost.

I can see their faces. The look of horror on each one is something I will never forget, not even in the next life. As I stare at my own corpse and the victorious barbarian standing over me, I feel no regret for my actions because order had to be opposed.

A foolish dream I had.

To bring order to chaos, it is like trying to cage the sun, those stupid enough to try lose everything.

What is this I can see reaching for me.

A hand?

Dare I take the hand and ascend to the heavens… Will I be turned away at the gates of judgement or welcomed by his lord, our god. The who’s tradition I justly opposed.
I can take this hand and take the chance or let recoil back to the clouds whence it came. The choice should be easy, but again I hesitate, just as before.

Broken Walls

If the words were only half true, that would have been enough…Instead there is nothing left but the ashes.

Everything tastes so bitter, the sky always seems dull, the water murky and the winds cold can be felt to the bone.

They stood strong for so long, nigh impenetrable, beyond the understanding of mere mortals. Nothing could ever get through, nothing could ever get out. It was a lonely but safe place, there was only that which was needed, no more, no less. Now though, that has all changed.

Force did not work, words did not work, that which is sacred did not work; nothing worked and now the only thing left to see, is broken walls.


Step, Step, Step, one after the other, with no destination or purpose. Each step takes him away from it all and closer to the castle, but the castle always seem just one step too far.

The wandering soul does not rest, he does not tire, he does not stop.

Every new path give birth to new memories, they help keep the sanity. The flowers that bloom go unpicked, he only admires them, even with his blood soaked hands he understands that their beauty will not last and must be appreciated.

Nothing ever lasts forever.

It’s Only Words

How may words are written each day on blogs around the word?

Millions… perhaps Billions.

I saw a fellow write take up a challenge to write 400 words per day. I feel I may join him in the endeavour, after all, it’ only 400 words.

Here goes nothing…

Blood Sun:

The somber morrow breaks the veil of night. I watch as the blood sun rises in the distance, slowly, gracefully and with great purpose. I feel it’s warmth calling to me, like a distant voice on the wind, I yearn to know its secrets.

The blood sun has reached its peak, the heat it emanates is almost unbearable, yet still I cannot tear myself away from watching… waiting to learn the secrets.

The day draws to an end, the blood sun slowly descends behind the mountains in the distance and still I know none of its secrets… Perhaps I never will.


I can see the farmers working in their fields, digging trenches and laying the seeds that will bring the next harvest. I do envy their simple lives and wonder what it must be like to have so little, to work tirelessly everyday just to survive.

I guess I will never know, my journey does not offer my the luxury or a life worth living. While they will reap their harvest, I must watch them until it is time for me to reap their souls and claim my bounty fee.

Until that time I though I can just sit and watch them play out their little lives.


Hells Goddess Roar and Heavens Demon Sneer… Both one and the same, they keep the balance of this fragile place we call home. We are left to the mercy of their actions, good, bad or indifferent, we must seek forgiveness for the sins of our Fathers to appease the Goddess and bear the burdens of our Mothers to spare torment at the hands of the Demon… We are forever bound by the chains of Heaven and Hell.


What are words to you?

Are they your sword or your shield?

Do you use the gift you’re given to inspire good or to incite evil?

Words are all we have. They have the power to change the word, but no one will ever say what needs to be said, less they become a martyr to a lost cause of hopeless dreams. It’s always easier to say nothing and let the world assume that there is nothing to say.

Silence is the chosen word. It echoes in the halls, it fills the empty spaces, it is filled with raw emotion and forgotten dreams.

So will you use your voice or not?