Shine and Shimmer

Shine and shimmer went the stars, sitting up high inthe sky




Stars in the Sky

The light fades from a star in the sky, its time has ended.

It burned brighter than ever imaginable, suddenly a flash of light streamed across the sky and then it was gone.

This is the second time in my life I have been lucky enough to watch a stars last moments, it was not less majestic than the first time.

It only serves to put a sense, a reminder of my own mortality.

If a star that has been around for an untold amount time, unanswerable by our modern technologies can fade to nothing then so can we.

Will anyone besides me ever think about that star?
Did anyone else see its final glorious moments?

The memory will live on, even if it is only with me, but that is all anyone or anything can leave…

A memory.

A river of stars

A river of stars
As wide as the eye can see
Elegant, peaceful and pure
You sit and watch, you feel free

A river of stars
They bring a smile to an aching face
Illuminating weary eyes
Through their flowing grace

A river of stars
Always there but never the same
Lighting the sands, the seas and the sky
Each are unique, burning bright with pure white flame

A river of stars…. a river, of stars.