Social Inept Media

Considering we live in a world where everyone is connected 24/7, it amazes me that people freak out if you speak to them physically.

Anxiety is through the roof because of our addiction to this technological terror that we’ve created. It’s almost like people have forgotten how to interact and be around other people.

So many are too comfortable behind the protection of their screens because if something they don’t like is present they can simple block it and pretend it’s not there, that’s not healthy. I’m all for ignoring people being ass-hats however to ignore everything that you disagree with or that ‘offends’ you is just going to make you soft and weak.

I’ve seen people forget sometimes that they’re not behind a screen when they’ve said certain things and gotten a smack in the chops for their troubles. The look of shock on their face always amuses me because of the literal hit of reality. Now it’s true no one should have to be subjected to violence, however if they instigate it, then more fool them.

Personally I’d much rather sit and speak with someone, even if that someone was a person I had conflict with because you can see the measure of a person when you’re face to face, where as behind a screen, you can’t tell shit.

Our lack of people skills is effecting everything; work, play, love, life….

Social media is making us socially inept.

What a world to live in.


Almost Everyday

My curiosity was peaked this morning and I decided to look on the admin board (something I never do). I have written a post almost every day for close to two years. It surprised me that I had so much to say and keep writing. My posts have varied in length, style and meaning.

Some posts have received a wealth of comments and feedback which is greatly appreciated, it shows that there we are not alone and that others too are in a similar place.

This blog has been the cause of much controversy, it has even caused some ‘friends’ to reveal how they really feel. Often I receive a message through social media telling me how I don’t understand and that I am wrong, but I guess that’s simply because they had a rare glimpse of how someone else actually saw them for once instead of the reflection they see everyday.

I do wonder how people see me, how they perceive my written words and what their judgement would be.

To think that I am half way through my life, while still considered young I certainly do not feel that way. Perhaps it’s been the self imposed dilemmas I have been exposed to, or the years of watching someone struggle through existence with only one purpose and hold on to that last flicker of a flame until it is no longer needed.

What ever the reason I feel much older than i actually am.

Yesterday I was reading though some posts and one caught my eye. A friend had stated the he was on to get back to what he was truly passionate for ‘Writing and Helping People’ my hilarious comment of ‘Trying to reclaim your soul after selling it will be difficult mate.’ was ignored and later removed. I guess I struck a nerve.

I find it funny how people can say what others want to hear without a shred of remorse, I find it hypocritical. Very few people ever want to help anyone when there is no reward or benefit to themselves these days. However, there are those people who will always help and say they want nothing in return, yet they often bitch and moan that no one appreciates what they do for them. It would seem they do want something and it is called recognition, more often than not this is the attitude most females take because they want to have one up on someone or score a point.

There is nothing wrong with wanting something in return, after all, it’s human nature to be greedy and hoard.

Like for Like

We are more than a facbook like, yet this is all the modern man cares about. We exchange likes for likes, there is a motive… You stop liking others pointless things and they stop liking yours.

How many likes will this status, photo, tweet, Instagram, vine get? 

Why is something so unimportant so important? 

Gone are the days where a mans word was his promise, his trust… his honour.

The internet is an escape. A place where people can pretend to be who they want, who they aspire too, perhaps even who they really are.

Life is more than a computer screen.

If you’re not happy with who you are then be someone else. Nothing is stopping you being who you want to be.

Time to step out of the shadows in to the light, stand up and be counted.