All Comsuming

For the briefest of moments. I fell. A pain of ages past was reawakened and left my soul screaming out for revenge. No matter the cost.

My aura changed and became dark, it resonated malice and hate. I could feel it wrapping around me.

I wanted to cause insufferable hurt.

I wanted to shatter someone into pieces.

I wanted revenge…..

These were the cries of the desperate. The cries of madness. Finally I had succumbed.

As everything started to be engulfed in the flames of my anguish, I saw nothing. Everything began to change to blackened ash. I could hear nothing, not my reason or my logic, nor that of those closest to me; silence I could only hear deafening silence.

I felt so alone.

Only one voice reached me, it was filled with sorrow. I can hear the hurt in her voice. These are tears that is have caused.

In my wake I had hurt one who cared for me deeply, I had become a monster.

Hearing her silent tears my senses slowly return, I being to see what damage I was causing; I had two choices before me: continue down my self destructive road and lose everything or come to my senses and pray for forgiveness.

I buried all the anger and hate, I can only hope I’m strong enough to keep there.