Teen Angst

Teenage angst

A fascinating thing

To fit in you must be an outcast

How funny it is to be on the outside looking in

Teenage angst

A fascinating thing



Do you know why snow is white?

Because its forgotten what colour it’s meant to be.

But regardless of that, it’s still beautiful .

Rinse & Repeat

Life for many is a sequential play acted out day by day. Meticulously precise and never changing, the whelk keeps turning but they never go anywhere. 

Anxiety, worry, stress and doubt fill their minds as the look towards the future. While all the time regret, apathy, guilt and depression eat away at their emotional being because they are stuck thinking about the past. Think about how it could have been different.

They go between the future and the past. Bouncing back and forwards. Never living in the moment, only living in the illusion of hope or retrospect.

They join the ongoing cycle of meaningless existence.

Stuck, on Rinse and Repeat.