Looking down

Funny how people say things like “I won’t ever forget where I came from” and then being to spout how successful hey are and look down upon those around them.

Such a lovely bunch we humans are.

Obviously it’s your choice to become such a person, just remember, those who knew you before won’t forget when you came crawling for help.

Stay humble, or don’t, it’s your choice.

Wow, Subtle.

Reflection is a trait I’ve aimed to acquire of these long years on this earth and I’d say I’m some what successful in they endeavour because I know when to let things go now, more so than I ever did before.

Yesterday while walking I was lost in thought as I often am, then out of the corner or my eye, in a space I’d never normally see there was one person acting odd, their behaviours didn’t match those around them, if it hadn’t been for their acting like a total weirdo I would;t have noticed them.

Ironically once I say who this person was it was clear that they were trying their hardest not to be seen by one person specifically, me.

Safe to say they failed in that.

This got me thinking, why make such a scene, if they’d have kept walking I’d of been none the wiser and continued being quite content i my own world of thought, but no, my attention had to caught. I’m sure this would be denied, however if they had just followed the crowd I wouldn’t have seen them.

Foolish child.

I was thinking last night while training, why do people do what they do, not in the sense of meaning or purpose but why do they perform the gestures, the body language, the movements and actions they think are one thing when in reality they’re the complete opposite. Is this the old theory of ‘if nothing is said the body will talk’ or am I reading in to this too much, such is the curse of a person who has learnt to become a theorist

Either way it doesn’t matter, the thoughts will be just as fleeting, as everything else.

Take some time today and watch for these little scenes that are out of place, I guarantee you’ll witness some fascinating things.

The ugly truth

“He’s ugly.”

“That’s a bit harsh isn’t it.”

“Well they are, what’s so wrong with telling the truth these days.”


A very interesting thing to hear, while as you can imagine both the people in question were rather pretty, they had some rather different attitudes.

One was honest to a fault and the other would pander to people for their approval, I must admit in mown personal preference I found the more honest one to be my cup of tea.

They say looks fade, which of course they do.

The ravages of time take a rather hefty effect on us all, however considering that doesn’t happen for a long time, how you are perceived by others does make a difference. It changes how they treat you, how kind they are, how cruel they are, just how they are in general.

If in your group you’re the good looking one, you get all the attention and you love it.

Go to another group of better looking people and suddenly you’re cast to the side and seen as a last resort, which obviously means you spend less time with this group of friends in favour of your less attractive ones, usually coming up with some bullshit excuse of “They’re nicer people and more fun to be found” when what you really mean is “I get more attention here, I can be more confident in this group”.

People put so much of their self worth in how they look compared to others, be those friends or not.

The funniest part is the girl who was being ‘harsh’ was right in what she said, the poor chap was quite ugly, unfortunately and as such he will never be able to pick and choose who he loves, he will have to settle for who decides to love him, despite the fact that he might be one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet.

That’s just how life works.

Everyone is shallow to some degree, some of us are just better at admitting it.

Life & Living

It’s funny how we get so caught up in trying to live a normal or prosperous or fulfilling life, that we forget to actually live.

If we are only here once, why do we spend so much time and effort on things that in the end won’t matter?

Is it a selfish vanity or perhaps foolish pride that encourages us to stick it to the ‘man’ and do all the things we think we should be doing but don’t actually want to do.

The happiest people aren’t always the richest, just like the richest aren’t always the happiest. It seems the people who live do three things better than anyone else.

They listen to that whispering voice in the back of their head.

They take risks knowing that in the end none of it really matters.

They follow their gut feeling.

Life is brief and while we need to work to pay bills and get by that shouldn’t be the reason for living, the reason for living should simply be to live.

Faiths Conundrum

Faith, it’s such an interesting term because you’re meant to have it without question, to trust that everything is part of one master plan that will lead us all to salvation.

If that is the case, why are we so flawed?

Maybe that is part of the plan, perhaps those with unwavering faith have to accept that the evil created is at the will of their benevolent one, that all the pain and suffering is necessary.

Many would disagree and as such contradict their own beliefs, especially those who say everyone is forgiven in the end and their sins washed away, depending on the interpretation you read.

The almighty and its required faith seems to be confusing at best, deceptive but with justified reason, at least you know where you stand with the fallen one but what is to say the one who fell is the evil one…