Purple Flames

Flames so hot they caused ice burn
Poisoned the blood
Cleansing all in spirit & soul

Unaware Loop

Footsteps heard that made no sound
A rainbow tunnel expanding before me
Run fast
I must catch who is at the end
Opening into a cloudless sky
Fingertips grasp away
Pull back, prepare
Throwing out my
Claws sinking in
To my neck from behind
All this time
Who I was chasing

A dream come full circle
From some 20 years ago
Everything exactly as it was

I stare at a younger self
Radiating with vibrant colour
He stare back at
The shadow that came
In the dream of which I was fully awake

All this time
All this time
I’ve been dreaming?

Blue, who?

Walking down a lane of trees
Two pulling for attention
One to the left, one to the right
Gold sits to my right
A new colour to my left, a Raven Blue
Different face with the same vicious tongue of many from before
Chased, hunted, trapped
Not even the dreams in the void are mine anymore