Choosing Sides

“The seas of change are string, I can feel a choice coming my way and I will have to live with the consequences of that choice. What am I to do…”

I had written the above passage almost a week ago now, I never posted it, and yet it still came to fruition.

There has been a clash between the people of my life. Two people who once held a mutual respect are not at each others throats, I can see both sides of the coin, I can understand what each is trying to say, and still, while I don’t agree with ones course of action and consider it wrong I will stand by her because, she is my friend.

Her biggest fear is one that I will not stand for her and not protect her, she is wrong. I would stand, even if it meant I was also seen in the same light, because, that’s what friends do.

Many will say you don’t have to pick a side, this is foolish, you always have to pick a side and what matters most is who’s side you pick; because it doesn’t matter if they are right or if they are wrong, you pick a side based on those you’re loyal too. You stand by them no matter what, you pick up the pieces not to make yourself seem like a better person, you do it because they are your friend.

That’s just how it is in my eyes.