That Look

Now that’s a look which hasn’t been seen in a long time,
Unaware as they watched in total captivation and awe,
It’s good to see such a thing once more.



Those feelings you cling on to,
Give them away.

No longer are they yours to hold,
Willingly share the lessons learned as a gift.

What we choose to part with often comes back in the end,
Not the same, different, better, more.

Smile as you place them in the palm of another,
What changed you will stay forever so now it’s time to have this help someone else.

Seek not to take, claim, hold on to or have remain,
Give it all away.

Shit Stirrers

I want to fight
I want to mame
I want to erase anyone who treats me that way
I want to serve sweet vengeance on them
I want to live free of the torment they pour on the world
I want to have them suffer as they’ve made so many suffer because of their desire
I want to expose them to the light with nowhere to hide
I want, I want, I want
To fight