I’m a fool, are you one too?

Their future mistakes are already written in my past, just like mine with yours.

We refuse to listen, fighting what we know to be truth every step of the way.

Our resilience is unwavering and completely misguided.

Always struggling against what doesn’t matter, all the while letting what does slip away.

We are fools of youth, cynics of old and nothing more than what we never where.


Mind Wars

A battle of the minds
On pitted against the other
While pleasant words are exchanged the venom can be heard in their tone
One is inexperienced passion, and the other wise from too many mistakes
Who’s will is stronger
Which will fold first
A battle of the minds

The Good Old Days

As children we’re told a lot of things, most mean well yet few are actually¬†useful.

One such random chat that did stay was given to me by someone in their 70’s and within a week of imparting this to me they passed away.

Now they live on in my memory, perhaps after today, they will live on in yours too.

“Enjoy the time you have while you can. The good old days will one day be exactly that, good old days and it is at that point you’ll realise you’ve been left behind, you’re now a relic of a forgotten time, perhaps a simpler time, and as far as you’re concerned a better time. That doesn’t mean it was better, more along the lines of you were more naive and blissfully unaware of everything else that was going on. Enjoy those times while you can because once they’re gone, that’s it, they’re gone.”

To be fair I knew quite a lot of people who fell into a similar camp, it seems they had quite the impact on my youthful sponge of a mind, it’s probably why I’m as cynical as I am now.

There is a lot to be said for being blissfully ignorant, yet I’d rather be like this.

While it may be a little bit sad it does mean one thing; we can smile today because today is a good day.