Half the time I end up thinking “What does that even mean, you dingus.”
The other half is spent rolling my eyes in disbelief
Now I get why my elders reacted like this to me in my formative years.

An old draft that fell in to the void – ‘How I Live Each Day’

I awaken in darkness greeted by the pain left behind

Where I used to see joy I see only sorrow barren and lifeless with not path to follow

Is this the fate I have to endure

To live alone with no hope of more

Friends and family gather in aid trying to reduce this pain that has stayed

Life alone is my choice keeping friends of the edge

Its better this way and keeps them safe

Each day wandering will this ever go away, will this ever stop


The more we know, the more we realise we have to learn. On one of the faces of that dice is strength, the more strength we gain the easier it becomes to see how weak we really are.

Knowledge and strength are the true fountains of youth, if we have both of these and accept that their pursuit will be a life long endeavour we will stay forever young…

Well, At least in our hearts if not physically.