Sunless sky
Single droplet teetering at the leafs end
A cold chill with no wind

On Your Own 

Sometimes I think the world would be too lonely on your own

Then I stumble across a place with picturesque views, serenity and no people 

Suddenly being on your own in the world doesn’t seem so bad. 

Modern Nature

The sun is bright
The air is cold
Flowers blossom underfoot
The wind gentle yet unable to hold

As the clouds part
As the skies turn blue
Animals forage
As nature is fair but cruel too

Soon the day will end
Soon all turns to stone
Modern man approaches
Soon this will be a memory lost and alone


The gleaming hope of the sun pierces through the broken clouds, it illuminates the roads, the rivers and the sky. From the outset it looks peaceful, warm and welcoming, just like any other summers day. As I sit and listen to the wind, it tells tales of what is to come and feel its chill gripping me like the cold fingers of the reaper, the realisation that winter is not yet finished dawns upon me.

Believe half of what you see, but less of what you hear.

Dancing on the stream

The rain does dance on the stream
A colourless quartet appears before me
They dance, I listen, what could it mean

Sharp winds cleave the leaves from the trees
Falling in time, slowly, right before my eyes
Such unscripted beauty makes interesting thief’s

The rain stops, the clouds clear the sky
A cold chill is left in the air
That moment was shared by no one else but I.