Like a memory only not….

There was once a time where people could, would, should disagree because that’s where growth of mind is born.

Yet even when this happened the very same people who had differing opinions would fight for the right of the other person who they may or may not have agreed with to have said opinion.

Not now though.

Not now.

Now you will be silenced with fear, shame and censorship because apparently words that don’t fit the narrative, regardless of whether they are true mis the silenced, the script must be appeased.

The world is treading in to dangerous territories, casting our and forbidding certain text and history to be shared.

Erasing the past and with it all the lessons and warning it held.

To me this means something terrible is coming and that which is doesn’t want people recognising it.

1984, equilibrium, the book of ely and all other dystopian films are seeming less like fiction as each day passes.

Something is coming, something bad and the worst part is it’s happened before, many times over and just like before it was scrubbed from the minds, hearts and memories of all history so that it could happen again.

Dangerous times are ahead.

Remember this.

The parts we play

Sitting here staring at the fire door in front of me I do wonder how things could have been different, even though such thoughts are useless and only serve to keep me chained where I am.

The anger, the rage, for some they’d consider it understandable and even give it a name, a legitimate medical one. As such support would be offered, people would understand and make allowances for it with not strings attached, the world would get it.

Sadly such a thing was not awarded to me.

It has to be said I do choose the path of the darkest shade, yet no one ever asks why and if they did they wouldn’t listen to what I had to say anyway, however no one is listening here so instead I can write it down and display my silent voice.

This is the way I choose because it’s easier than the alternative of trying to convince people otherwise because once they make up their minds, they rarely want to change them.┬áIn life it is easier to believe what is easier to believe, regardless of what it is because to think any other way would require too much from the common mind.

Yet another way in which we are not equal, men & women that is.

I will forever be the villain, you will forever be the warrior of light.

No amount of truth, perspective or time will ever change this, so….


“You wear the mask for so long that you forget a time you ever lived without it. ”

These days we hear a lot of quotes like the one above, essentially people are trying to justify why they’ve become bitter, twisted and a complete cunt.

I wonder if any of them ever stopped to think that the whole “I wear a mask” thing is actually bullshit and the truth of the matter is that they’ve always been a cunt. Probably not, no one wants to admit their of fallibility I suppose.


Moot at best

I find the concept of morality a moot point at best.


Because it’s used as a scape goat far too often, as with a lot of other things people bring in to arguments, all in all it seems that ‘logical fallacy’ seems to rule the roost, simply because when facts, logic and a lust for an objective answer don’t fit with the general consensus people will find any way they can to make it happen.

Take this for example – one person kills another. The fact: one person killed another.

Add some context and it can be either self defence or murder, one seen to be done for the greater good, the other an act of malevolence, the fact still remains, one person kills another, it’s our morality that deems which is acceptable.

Yet people wonder why things such as equality, fairness and divinity fail in our world.

Does this mean I wouldn’t like a world like that? Of course not, it would be a relative garden of eden, so to speak. However the fact is we couldn’t live in such a place, it’s just not in our nature and no amount of people being offended, liberal, neutral or any other modern term will change that. Sadly.

In this way I have yet to meet large groups of people that want the truth, regardless of how brutal it is.

Agree or disagree, I care not, because it is what it is.

People are good, bad, indifferent, they will fight for the cause THEY deem just, already making it a bias decision. To be truly neutral would mean to be uninvolved in life, don’t you ever wonder about those people who’ve achieved ‘enlightenment’ or claim to have opened their last chakra?

They often have one common trait, they don’t care for anything because to let go fully that’s how you achieve such a thing. There will be no peace in life, be it internally or globally so long as people want something, just cause or not.

Of course this is nothing more than a thought, one that will no doubt anger many and yet others will agree 100%, it is not right or wrong, it just is and that is the truth.

If seems that Owl-Man and the Comedian got it. Look them up, you’ll see what I mean.


Drama drama drama

It’s funny how people create their own drama because of how bored they are with their life.

Now there are genuine times in peoples lives where they do struggle and you can normally tell when this is happening, how? Because they don’t shout and scream about it.

The modern generation of “Ugh, I can’t even. What a twat, Im so angry” and the classic responses or “OMG babe, what’s up, PM me? – what utter bollocks.

If the shit hit the fan in your life I can guarantee you won’t want people knowing about it, these needless cries for attention are pathetic and can actually detract from those who genuinely need help.

What a terribly self-centred species we’ve become.

Of course my little rants are only my own views and I expect nothing to come of them for the simple fact that I don’t care enough about the masses to help them out of their own self-indulgent mess.

Rant over.