People are idiots

You don’t realise how clueless some people are
Common sense truly is the rarest form of intelligence
Giving no thought to anything beyond the end of their nose
Good intentions by a small mind can have dangerous results
I do tire of these people, not because they’re bad people
It’s because these people are idiots.


The scariest thing in life isn’t being known as a failure
Nor is it being heated for your success
It’s being thought of as a fraud, a fake, not a real….

No fate is worse than that of the imposter

So do what you do because it’s true and just
Try to live the life where you tell no lies

Live up to your own ideals and do everything you can, even if it seems that it’s not enough

Don’t fear a hard life or constant struggle, embrace it and live as the life of you that is if known for nothing else other than it was true.

Like a memory only not….

There was once a time where people could, would, should disagree because that’s where growth of mind is born.

Yet even when this happened the very same people who had differing opinions would fight for the right of the other person who they may or may not have agreed with to have said opinion.

Not now though.

Not now.

Now you will be silenced with fear, shame and censorship because apparently words that don’t fit the narrative, regardless of whether they are true mis the silenced, the script must be appeased.

The world is treading in to dangerous territories, casting our and forbidding certain text and history to be shared.

Erasing the past and with it all the lessons and warning it held.

To me this means something terrible is coming and that which is doesn’t want people recognising it.

1984, equilibrium, the book of ely and all other dystopian films are seeming less like fiction as each day passes.

Something is coming, something bad and the worst part is it’s happened before, many times over and just like before it was scrubbed from the minds, hearts and memories of all history so that it could happen again.

Dangerous times are ahead.

Remember this.