In Years 

In the years to come you’ll look back and wonder what the hell you were thinking, but until that happens why not try and enjoy mistake before you realise that’s what it is. 

Many a happy memory often end up being your biggest mistakes. 

Crumbling Walls

The rain has come, it decimates the cracked and crumbled walls that survived the wrath of the sun. They fall apart piece by piece, there was only so much they could take before they broke down and all I’m doing is simply sitting under my protective canvass and watching it happen.

Standing from the chair steps are taken towards the wall that is dissolving before my eyes. Each step closer is matched with a piece of the wall breaking away from the whole, some large, some small, but still pieces of the same wall.

Memories flood back of times when the wall was first erected all those years ago. The times filled with fun, games and joyful smile, the times filled with tears, bloody knees and bandages, the times where it was strong, the times where it was more than a fragile an  crumbling shell.

More than have way in to the rain it’s barely able to stand anymore… I waited too long to act, the damage was done… the damage was permanent.

The rain subsides and I fall to me knees next to what is left of the wall. It endured so much but it finally reached the tipping point and couldn’t hold together anymore. The lethal does has been exceeded, perhaps not by much but it was enough to bring it down regardless.

It is in this way armies fall, it is in this way empires end.

A ray of Sun breaks through the overshadowing clouds illuminating a shaft of dust in the air, drifting towards the sky and a place of rest. The remaining dust forms a memory in the air. Reaching out to touch it I was once again too slow and in the blink of an eye it becomes scattered by the winds.

The wall had always been there, unchanging, immovable, unbreakable, strong… now though, it was gone. By my own hand I had reached for a drink when the heavens opened and the tsunami was unleashed instead of reaching for something to protect it. It was by my hand the wall was allowed to crumble and all I did was sit and watch.

Without the wall to lean on I stand on my own, all the while not taking my eyes off the heap of rubble that lay at my feet and the knowledge of my choice. Struck with a sudden wave of emotion I feel a drop of rain roll down my cheek even though there were no clouds to be seen in the sky.

For me, it was still raining.

Wisdom & Experience

It’s a rare compliment when a woman of worldly wisdom asks for the help and experience of the young.

A look of confusion had been haunting her for weeks, it seemed as if she wanted anyone just to sit and listen. I offered my ear so she could share her problem, it was one I had overcome a long time ago, we spoke and reminisced.

Her wisdom had kept her in a safe place, but eventually she succumbed to desire, drawing on my limited experience compared to hers I helped her regain perspective. I saw the vail lift and the clouds of her mind part, she had once again restored control.

As we sat and spoke, she told me of her life experiences, her stories, everything. The honesty was refreshing, she spoke of the multiple times she made the same mistakes and regardless she still continued to make them. It’s rare to speak to a person who shares my views on the world.

I took a lesson from her life stories that confirmed something I had thought for a long time: we never really change, we learn to calculate the risks and think about our actions, this helps us avoid certain situations and potential outcomes, but, in the end there will always be those mistakes we will relive time and agin.

The wisdom of age can truly be complimented by the experience of youth.