Mind Wars

A battle of the minds
On pitted against the other
While pleasant words are exchanged the venom can be heard in their tone
One is inexperienced passion, and the other wise from too many mistakes
Who’s will is stronger
Which will fold first
A battle of the minds

Mind & Body

For all those with body confidence issues, I understand your pain.

The frustration of looking in the mirror and never being happy with what you see. In fact, I suspect most of you are disgusted, repulsed and deeply sad by the reflection because no matter how hard you try, nothing seems to change .

I suffer the same problem.

Body dysmorphia is too common in the modern world. Its affect are wide spread and its victims many.

I just want you to know that you’re not alone, lots of us exist and I also want to tell you that it is possible to become comfortable in your own skin. Granted it might takes years, maybe even decades, but it will happen.

Are We Good?

So many try to be good.

Are we not good by nature? Is that not what it means to be accepted by friends, family and loved ones? Because who would love us if we were not good…

The struggle I see in the eyes of the masses I have written about before. Conformity is the downfall on many. The lonely surround themselves with people so that they have a place to belong, a place to call home. The linger in the past searching for scraps, no, remnants of memories long devoured by the sands of time.

I am only a simple person with a simple mind. I have hopes, dreams and desires just like any other, but, I am different. How can I claim such a thing? Because I am not afraid to hurt peoples feelings for the right reasons. I don’t tiptoe on the edge. It’s all or nothing. Too many times I hear falsities. Friends lie to each other to protect the feelings that lay in a fragile balance.

My writing is inconsistent and fragmented. It screams out, yet only a few can understand the true meanings behind my words. People will take from it what they want, be that lessons, sadness or a look in to my psyche.

Often I write about what I have learnt, only to have that lesson and its teachings broken by a new lesson. This is truly fascinating.
I am by no means the arbiter of fate, nor am I an angle among men with sight beyond sight. I am experienced though.

Your future has already been written in my past.