Subtle Smiles & Hungry Eyes

“Order up”

Bellows the manager.

With a thunderous slam the tray is placed down, the coffee nearly spilt and the customer ushered away.

“Next please…”

The barista mutters with a sultry tone.

She looks so depressed. I can feel myself being drawn in by it and no amount of friendly smiles from any customer seems to change the look on her face, she refused to make any form of eye contact. I guess the wind must have changed at the wrong time.

Through all of the noise, rushing people and rowdy children I spot the pair who have been sent out into the war zone to clear the tables.

They both rush in different directions to make space as fast at they can, all while the beady eyes of unimpressed seniors glare at them. The way they move is so hypnotic, it is as if they are dancing with the cups and trays in hand, around and around they go, missing everything and everyone; it was then I saw it….

As they brush past one another their eyes meet for but a mere moment, the pressure that emanated from them was overwhelming. Their smiles were subtle but as I looked deeper I could see their eyes were filled with lust, passion and love.

Less than a second passes, their contact is broken and their dances continued.

Though my sight is fixed on the two, my ears catch the manager once again barking orders.

“You’ve got a face like a smacked ass girl! Go and help Kevin wash the dishes”

The miserable girl behind the till suddenly left.

“Kerry! Back behind the till please.”

Kerry, so that was her name. She didn’t look like a Kerry, I thought she was more of a Rachel, but I guess I was wrong.

Kerry scuttles across the floor and through the staff door, she was in such a hurry the trays and cups she carried almost went flying.

The young man still gliding across the shop floor smiles at all of the customers, it’s like he is walking on air after that brief glance at the apple of his eye. Minutes pass and eventually everything is cleared, then he too returns to the till.

I look across to see their playful flirting and it makes me smile.

It’s a much nicer sight than the washed out look of the previous girl. She was so lifeless, so miserable, so pathetic.

“Luke, you can go”

Luke eh… Luke and Kerry, what a nice couple they made.

As he disappears from my sight I feel a dark cloud appear to my left. It was the morbid one herself, with heavy steps and careless awareness she bumps into me.

‘Stupid girl’ I thought.

She lacked the energy and grace of Luke and Kerry, but it was at that exact second she made eye contact with me, what I saw and came to realise will never leave me.

She wasn’t depressed, she was hurt. Their were tears in her eyes and a stare that cried out for help.

‘Why could she be so sad?’

A voice reaches over my shoulder to grab her attention.

“Ok babe, lets go then.”

A tall and slender man passes me and puts his arm around her. She responds by looking up and saying;

“I love you Luke”

His response, while looking over his shoulder towards the till at Kerry.

“uh huh. Come on.”

Suddenly, it all became painfully clear.

The dance I witnessed between the two I thought was one of passion and love was nothing more than a sordid affair, but worst of all, they did it right in front of her eyes…

I can only imagine how much it hurts to see the one you love loving someone else.



The clouds have turned from white to grey, as if sullied by something. The storms and rain are not far away, soon we shall seek shelter from their wrath, but for now we must continue to traverse the planes until the time comes.

I can see people falling behind struggling to keep up with the pace of the group. My concerns fall on deaf ears, the elders must be relinquished, that is the will of the group.

Looking back I can see them slowly grinding to a halt… they know that they won’t survive once the storm hits, but they accept it willingly, gracefully and without question because that’s how it’s always been.

‘Dare I oppose these traditions?’

That is what I say to myself as I am surrounded by the mindless herd. The courage required to speak out is greater than I could ever imagine, but if something doesn’t change eventually someone I care about will be lost.

The traditions of the tribe have been held in such high regard long before I was ever born, but I know I need to make this change. I know I need to face the council and stare down the leaders… I know I must, even at the risk of banishment.
“Why does it have to be this way?”

I can see the eyes of the council members burning with rage, but still I persist.

“Can the strong not carry the weak to a safe haven, even if only to give them a chance to survive?”

“How can we just leave them?”

“What form of monsters are we to let our own kinsmen die like they meant nothing!”

A bellowing roar echoes from the strongest of us all;


“You dare oppose what has allowed us to survive for hundreds of years?”

“You ungrateful whelp.”

As I look on I can feel the eyes of each tribe member glaring at me. Each one more with a disappointing thought.

“What a fool.”

“He will be left behind too for his treason.”

“It’s the end for him now.”

Watching the Benevolent draw his sword meant only one thing, for all those who bore its wrath we guaranteed only one fate…

It seems now is the time to choose…
Die and be free of pain…
Fight on and suffer tides of change…
Live, fight and die for what is right!

Pierced Heart… I Lost.

A Short Story of Love

As the light fades, he slowly starts to disappear.

Running to him she is met with only a formless shadow.

Tears run down her face.

“I love you… I always have.” She weeps.

“I know.” He says. His last words as he fades away with the light.

Then, just like that, she was alone once more. 

Their time was brief, but his memory will be eternally etched in to her heart forever.

That was, and always is love.

Young Loves Blossom

The story is always the same
Again young love blossoms before my eyes
Her smile illuminates the room
He too smiles, he waits, he tries.

Their hands touch
The friend who loves, he hides in plain sight
A playful laugh
Sadly giving up, never willing to fight.

The connection is real
He will be the loving friend, always adored
Her eyes are set one someone else
He will be the loving friend and nothing more.

The Friend Who Loved You…

He looks at her with eyes of longing. He loves her, the fires of passion burn brightly behind his eyes as he stares across the coffee table at her, but that love is unrequited, it always has been and it always will be.

If the time ever comes where she looks at him the same it will be too late.

He will have made peace with not being the one she chose time and again. He will have watched as she was with everyone who had something he didn’t, he will have moved on.

A story of someone who’s always there, always close, but never close enough to make you see how much they love you.

Such it the tale of the friend who loved you…