Money cannot save us.

All your money cannot save you, the fates are the same for is both my friend,
No matter the wealth, treasure or trinkets we all meet the same end.

You live a life of possession and lust, searching for more, treading over people day by day but what you don’t see is you lose their trust.

All your power cannot save you, each day time plays out and we grow old, a simple fact you refuse to hold true.

Humble was my life, want for more IAll your money cannot save you, the fates are the same for is both my friend,
No matter the wealth, treasure or trinkets we all meet the same end.

You live a life of possession did forego, I smiled each day and laughed and cried, at least my life was not a wealth of lies.

No More

“Don’t ask the questions if you don’t want to hear the lies.”

Words of a weak and pathetic excuse for a human being. So blinded by insecurities and wants that they’re unable to see the harsh realities the lay before them.

After suffering such indecencies one would think a lesson was learned, clearly not. The futility of perusing this course of action filled with lies, deceit and omission to the face of the one who stood by throughout is unforgivable.

I have lost faith in such people who recklessly allow themselves to be manipulated by the masquerades.

Tired I have grown of the seeing the endless histories repeat themselves, each time causing more damage.

“What right do you have?!”

I renounce you. No longer will the thoughts, feelings or choices of the weak plague my mind, no more… No more.

All fates seem inevitable for those who welcome them.


Everything is different, and yet the outcome will always be the same. The course of events that played out will once again reemerge, the fates are the same. They always will be.

The easy option is tempting, so tempting to the point of causing us physical pain because that of which we desire can be ours, even if only for a short while.

The weak teeter on the edge, ready to let go and fall into the same self repeating history. The simple thought of “it might be different” seems to be enough to make bad decisions a thousand time over.

Understanding and acceptance.

These words are meant to make a corse of action justified, all because we should understand. When used is such a way they’re nothing more than words used by people who want you to agree with their actions, even if they themselves know they’re wrong.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt over time it’s this, people will always do what they want. No matter the cost.

Time Past

Over a year has passed since it all began, it’s hard to believe how much can happen in such a short time.

So much sorrow and so much hate, emotions so overpowering they drove me to the very edge of madness and now they are nothing more than memories lingering in the distance.

Echoes of the damned trapped limbo never to surface again.

It’s fair to say that I have grown as a person in so many ways, I have learnt from the mistakes I’ve made and the pain that I caused so many people, seeing the past, the potential future and old friends long gone.

The journey has shown me who was really there, who really cared and who had grown apart. It opened my eyes to see that which I always knew was there, it allowed me to understand myself.

Jealous friends and spiteful rivals came to light no longer able to hide in the shadows of my ignorance, my choices were made and I stand by them because if I had to make the same ones again I would purely because in the end…. I was right.

My life now is not following anyone else’s path but my own, in truth this is why people find themselves lost, they tread someone else’s path and walk in their footsteps instead to walking beside them and choosing a path for themselves.

Many will not stand alone, they will drown in their pain and be conquered by their fears… I refused this and now I have something worth risking it all for again.

Through all of this the biggest thing I take away is the answer to a question I was asked what seems like such a long time ago, by someone I used to know.

What is love?

Well, I feel that love is fighting for the ones you care for, be them family or friends, love is also being there for others even if they are complete strangers simply because it’s the right thing to do and in the end those strangers can become the best of friends. Most of all though true love is being able to put someone else first, to sacrifice yourself to save another no matter the cost.

And that my friends is what I feel love is.

Stop and Stare

Do stop and stand and stare,
Do you hesitate to say you care? So you wait, and wait some more,
Always waiting for chances galore.

If you watch the time tick away,
You will only regret what you did not say. Tell those you love how much they mean, Let your words flow like a river or stream.

Many people in your life will come and go, So tell each one that’s stays so they know.
Don’t be afraid of your feelings inside, They make you strong so need to hide.

Tell each one you really care and let it go, stand up and scream! All you need do is say what you mean.

Sands of the Mind

    Memorioes are never cast in stone, rather written in sand.

    Nothing is ever predetermined in our lives, we are governed by our memoirs and past experience, ruled by not only our own history but also the history of others. We make decisions based on what we think the outcome will be and are often left surprised by how differently things play out, so why do we never learn?

    Our memories are but mere scribe in the sands of time yet we refuse change it for other possibilities, in doing so we run the risk and pre-judged the situation incorrectly and perhaps getting it so wrong, this leaves a wound in our pride and a resilience to accept that yes, we were wrong.

    As beautiful as memories can be, they can also be dangerous. Some are filled with hurt that cause us to make choices which in hindsight cause more damage than we ever thought possible.

    Try not to hold onto such memories, allow the sands to blow away so new memories can be written in them, past experience is what helps us grow but holding on to that which caused us so much hurt will only serve to plant the seeds of malicious intent in our futures.

    I speak a lot of letting go, of making peace with one’s self. This task can seem impossible and for me this is the reason why, I hold on to some memories for protection when all they really do I hold me back, life cannot be lived unless you keep writing in the sand.

The Unknown

We all fear the unknown, we fear the loss that we could suffer, we fear taking those steps through what seems like an endless tunnel with no sign of an end or glimmer of light to guide us, but what is life without taking a step into the unknown?

Each time we leave the comfort of the world we know it frightens us, it terrifies us leaving nothing but a frozen vessel with the consciousness of a person. We find these moments take our breath away, unable to move or even speak we just stare silently afraid to make a sound and risk shattering the perfect silence the surrounds us and the risk of losing the comfortable world we protect ourselves in.

We fear what we say because once said it can never be unheard.

I have been in this place more times than I care to remember, each time though taking a risk because what is life without that step into the unknown? True enough the potential hurt that could be the consequence of my choice grows but then so does the reward for such an act.

By no means do I have all the answers but what I do know is to grow in life and live it to the fullest we must understand, we must listen, we must step out of our comfortable little self created world’s and become apart of something different, become apart of something more.

We must realise that we will always be alone until we accept our need for others.

So take the step into the unknown and risk it all because once we learn to do this we will all finally have the chance of truly having everything.