Dying of the Light

We see this happening to our fellow man, our friends and even those closest to us.

As I gaze upon that which is inevitable, I weep. There is nothing I can do, nor say; there is nothing I can do to help. If it were possible I would tear out my own heart and bare your pain.

Eventually all light fades.

We sit and watch, the dying of the light.


Life is…

Life is long,

Life is short,

Life is lessons we get taught.

Learn the meaning of your life,

Through your trouble pain and strife.

My Mind.

The lying, cheating fools that we are fail to realise that this is what holds the world together and yet subsequently tears the world apart; honesty is an illusion.

I thought once I was understood, I was wrong. I was feared.

Those who know nothing can understand nothing. To know what lay in the depths of my heart you must stand on the edge of reason and reach out to me.

You must take that step off the cliff and be willing to fall, because it will always be my choice to open out and bring you close, and tell you my deepest secrets; it will also be my choice to let you fall if I think you’re unworthy of knowing.

The True World

The inner struggle between temptation and reason. There is no right or wrong, there is only a difference of opinion and altered perception.

To see the world in its truest light you must accept that is it honestly dishonest. It lies, cheats and steals from us for its own gain; and on the reverse of that coin it does those very things to protect is from that which seeks to harm us.

Through deception we are kept safe, through deception we are kept vulnerable.

One mans potion is another mans poison, such is our world of ever repeating contradictions.

It is light, it is dark; it is beautiful.

The Greedy Man

The greedy man,
Like a dog chasing an imaginary tail,
He will never stop, he will take what he can.

What does he seek?
His corruption spreads through the sea of virtue like oil, untold damage he will reap.

That which he cannot have he will try and lock in a cage,
It infuriates him,
He will twist the world out of shape in a jealous rage.

The greedy man,
Smiles at us all,
His nature is hidden, so beware of the greedy man.

A Lonely Look

A girl surrounded by sadness, her eyes hold a deep inner sorrow and a feeling of unworthiness.

She smiles with held back tears, confusion is set in her mind, and yet all she really wants is to be understood.

All some people want is to talk where others just want someone there, even if they sit in silence just having a fellow soul to share their pain with is enough.

The look this girl had took me back, I wanted to ask what was wrong yet I knew I would not get a coherent answer, it must be very lonely for her being surrounded by people who cannot see she is crying out for help.

How is it everywhere I look I can see struggles behind the masks many wear and yet others cannot? Am I seeing a cast reflection of myself or perhaps it is because when I was in that place I wanted the same thing….


I shall take a step back and offer a hand that can be taken if she wants, I shall not unlock her emotions as I have done with people in the past. This time I shall wait.

What life is not.

Life is not simple,
Life is not fair,
Life is a paradox of people who claim to care.

Life is not short,
Life is not easy,
Life is filled with people both kind and sleazy.

Life is not the future,
Life is not the past,
Life is the moment you’re in and the feelings that last.

Life is not over before it’s begun,
Life is not the time we spent with other people,
Life is confusing filled with heart ache and fun.

Life is not theirs but ours alone,
Life is not a given it’s a gift,
Life is what can warm this heart made of stone .