How will you see yours?

If you were to wake up tomorrow and find yourself in your living your last day on this earth, what would you see when you looked back at your life once lived?

A blaze of Glory
Filled with Honour

or littered with

Dreams that never came true?

This can happen. Time doesn’t care for your age of whether you feel you deserve more of it, when yours runs out it’s over.

Stop worrying about what could be and was never was.

Make choices, good or bad, it doesn’t matter which because at the time you make them they will all seem good, it’s only after we make them that we learn.

Live for the now, embrace the wow and when your final day comes look back, smile and say – The story of my life? I LIVED it, let me tel you how.

Brief Moments

For the briefest of moments I was lost in the memory.

It felt so real.

Every time I looked at her I saw someone else’s eyes staring back at me.

The feeling lingered for but only a second, yet the disappointment will always last forever.

I regained my sense of self and came back to the world of the present.

Infrequent as these moments are, nothing has changed, it still hurts as much as it ever did. I can only hope that eventually such moments will be deprecated by decades rather than mere months.


Barriers are the hearts way of telling the mind we are not yet ready.

Some are higher than others, they soar higher than birds can fly, they leave no way in.

Barriers can’t be broken. The only answer is to have patience.

I sit quietly, patiently, waiting for this barrier to dispel and it’s fragments to fade in the ether.

Perhaps all you need to find happiness is simply wait too.

One Voice

So wandering in a life without meaning,
They’re on their phones starting at what’s streaming,
Looking down you will never know,
What feelings people hide and do not dare show,
A cry for help from silent tears,
Running away from a reality so feared,
I see it all each and every day,
I am only one voice with so much to say.

Dying of the Light

We see this happening to our fellow man, our friends and even those closest to us.

As I gaze upon that which is inevitable, I weep. There is nothing I can do, nor say; there is nothing I can do to help. If it were possible I would tear out my own heart and bare your pain.

Eventually all light fades.

We sit and watch, the dying of the light.

My Mind.

The lying, cheating fools that we are fail to realise that this is what holds the world together and yet subsequently tears the world apart; honesty is an illusion.

I thought once I was understood, I was wrong. I was feared.

Those who know nothing can understand nothing. To know what lay in the depths of my heart you must stand on the edge of reason and reach out to me.

You must take that step off the cliff and be willing to fall, because it will always be my choice to open out and bring you close, and tell you my deepest secrets; it will also be my choice to let you fall if I think you’re unworthy of knowing.