Pictures & People

You shouldn’t be surprised you know,
Pictures have been lying to us for decades.

What once was embellished got painted by hand,
Pictures have been lying to us for decades.

From artistic to electronic,
Pictures have been lying to us for decades.

Believe half of what you see and half of what you hear because
People have been lying to us for decades.


No such thing

Find your happy place
That’s what they say
Like it’s just found in a specific setting and set of circumstances
No wonder people ever find theirs

Happiness is less like a picturesque field and more like the ocean
It comes in waves both large and small
Always there and easily missed when its surrounded us for so long we forget what it feels like
Sometimes it might be tainted
Others littered with crap you have to wade through

Happiness, much like the sea needs to be explored full before you can appreciate it

Regards it’s always there
The longer you spend on land looking for your perfect place
Your happy place
Farther from it you actually go

Why bullshit yourself?

So many talk of letting go of all
Running away to a far off land
Never to return

Their idea of a blissfully simple life free from struggle
Free from responsibility
Alas they’re nothing more than the words of the scared

You can run
You can leave it all behind if you’re strong enough
You won’t though

Otherwise you’d have already slipped away in to the night unnoticed

The lies, stories and things we tell ourselves are nothing more than comforting escapism.