Random Chat

“I’d gladly give up my life without hesitation if it meant ridding the world of all evil.”

As nobel as that sounded it made me wonder what insurmountable guilt they must be carrying around to feel that their only source of redemption would come from such a sacrifice.

The want to be redeemed, forgiven or let go of ones sins can be quite the burden to carry.


Like a memory only not….

There was once a time where people could, would, should disagree because that’s where growth of mind is born.

Yet even when this happened the very same people who had differing opinions would fight for the right of the other person who they may or may not have agreed with to have said opinion.

Not now though.

Not now.

Now you will be silenced with fear, shame and censorship because apparently words that don’t fit the narrative, regardless of whether they are true mis the silenced, the script must be appeased.

The world is treading in to dangerous territories, casting our and forbidding certain text and history to be shared.

Erasing the past and with it all the lessons and warning it held.

To me this means something terrible is coming and that which is doesn’t want people recognising it.

1984, equilibrium, the book of ely and all other dystopian films are seeming less like fiction as each day passes.

Something is coming, something bad and the worst part is it’s happened before, many times over and just like before it was scrubbed from the minds, hearts and memories of all history so that it could happen again.

Dangerous times are ahead.

Remember this.


Someone closed asked me for the truth
The asked why I bury so much
So I told them
Reduced to tears at what was said
Now they know why I don’t tell people
Some truths are too difficult a burden for people to carry
Thus those are the ones we shoulder ourselves
Not for some heroic reason but because we have no other choice
Less we end up showering the floor with tears

Sticks & Stones, Luv.

What have you been called by people over the years?

Angry, depressed, tormented, conflicted, sad, melancholy, distracted, evil, cruel, lost, broken and many more that essentially link to the same roots.

If you could find the point from which it all stems would you have the strength to pull it out?

Especially if it meant you’d die a little inside.

Best start digging because the only way to know is to stare that choice in the face.



Each night my dreams seem to be more vivid.

When this happens it usually means my mind is putting something together and trying to warn me about some impending struggle as per their normal pattern.

Given how many million piece of information we take in through all our senses each day, is it any surprise that when our mind is not distract by life that it starts to work things out.

Ugh, struggle struggle struggle.

Life couldn’t be any other way because if it was it wouldn’t be half as meaningful.


Online Life

Reality seems less real these days.

Is this the curse of the online life?

We can all agree we know many people that if they were even a fraction of the person they claimed to be online the world would be a very different place.

More loving, caring, equal and fair.

We know it’s all bullshit, we know.