A Lesson in Death

Is it really death we are scared of or something else entirely?

We all know that one day we shall cease to exist, yet even in knowing this many will waste their lives and only begin to lament their choices once it’s too late, almost begging for another chance.

This makes me wonder, why don’t we make better choices, choices that we are truly at peace with.

You hear of 18 year old people suffering an unfortunate turn of events, then they give up all the material things that they were taught were important and go do what they really consider to be worth while.

Why don’t we all do that?

Could it be because we’re caught in the trap of consumerism, socialism, capitalism or some other for of ‘ism’.

I know many will say things such as “It’s different for them because….” they stop themselves short because the end of that sentence ┬ácan only be this –

“Because they won’t be around once they’ve had their fun.”

Or something similar, which is true, they may or will indeed die within a year in some cases and what do they decide to do with that time?

They choose to live.

They choose life.

They realise that while things are nice, they are just things and what really matters is what we choose to matter, which in their case is living, experiences that take their breath away and memories that they will always hold on to, even at the very end.

All we will have is the silence before we go and any of those heartfelt memories that in our life would bring a tear to our eyes and a smile to our lips.

Surely that’s better than any amount of things we can amass in the end.

I of course realise the irony of my words as I write them from a thing I own, in -between working for money to buy more things because I’m going to be around for at least a few more years.

What a hypocrite, eh?

I could let go of everything, all the follies, all the bullshit and yet I don’t because just like you I’m still a frightened child clinging on to a blanket for safety.

We fear the views of others, we fear our societies and being ostracised from them.

We fear being alone, cast out, different.

Funny really, after all the humanitarian talk of people being individuals and all that other bullshit we want nothing more than to be a part of the ‘in crowd, what ever that means.

More than just passing on our genetic code and the procreation of the species.

We have forgotten what it is to live.




Standing on weak, flammable ground
A mere moment of slip away from a devastating drop
Holding a match with glorious flame
To us it is precious, we’ll never let it go
Money rains from the sky
With the free hand we grab as much as we can
More more more
We could stop if only we had a little more
If only we had another hand, we’d get just a bit more and that’d be enough
We’d drop the burning match to grab happiness
We’d drop the burning match
We’d drop


The more time you spend doing what you truly want to do, the more detached you ┬ábecome and it’s wonderful.

Your life is yours to live, so why not live it as you choose?

So log as you’re not an axe wielding psychopath, well even then, I know a few people that are prime candidates for the chop so I can see the appeal of such a life too.

Beyond Fixing

The world is becoming more broken as each day passes.

People champion the need for equality, even when it’s never really equal.

Everyone wants to be considered unique and yet no one wants to take individual responsibility.

I’ve had enough of this life because it’s just so backwards now.