Perfect Eye

They subtly follow
Judgement free
Memorising every line of every face
Even unseen directly
It was me & it was you
A perfect display
Noticed not
They’d never know, nor I or you
Unless it already was
Judgement free
They subtly follow

Could it be the last one?

On this night of peace I think
To whomever is reading this now
What is this night to you?
What was this night to you?
One of sorry or of joy
One in which you brought life into this world
Perhaps you took a life and snuffed out its flame forever more
Protected from such though
Secluded we are, protected by invisible walls or zeroes & ones
Surely you wonder as I do
On this night of peace.


Those feelings you cling on to,
Give them away.

No longer are they yours to hold,
Willingly share the lessons learned as a gift.

What we choose to part with often comes back in the end,
Not the same, different, better, more.

Smile as you place them in the palm of another,
What changed you will stay forever so now it’s time to have this help someone else.

Seek not to take, claim, hold on to or have remain,
Give it all away.


Clueless caterpillar plucked off that leaf
What thoughts went through your mind as you’re carried off

Fear, panic, surprise, or nothing at all
Nature taking its course

To that no one cares
When each creature of nature does exactly what it does

Creatures is all we are too
Destroying people, animals, flowers, the world because that’s just what we do

I doubt that caterpillar thought about this as much as I have.

Knock, Knock

Last night there was two definitive knocks at my door,
Behind the wood they stood.

I pause for but a mere second,
Softly I approach.

Unlatching, unbolting and unlocking,
There they stood in utter silence.

Naked, exposed without any barriers I stand locked eye to eye,
Here we remained, unmoving, never saying a word.