Mist spanning across a peaceful field
How nice it would be to walk with
Once the sun begins to rise, and the mist disappears

The tired wish that it would invite me to do the same
Childish thought really
Once it clears, in the middle of the field I’d be

Forced once again o be resilient
Laden with regret as thought comes flooding back
Once again resilience is the only option, less human then before.

Can we see it now

As the days grow darker & more dystopian all is revealed
Once again
It’s never been above people
As always it’s been about power
Gaining it any way possible, taking that front hose who will willing yield it
Stealing from those who try to hold on to it
Destroying it if less it stays in a place that can one day cause resilience
This isn’t the modern life
This is simply life

Ha, funny

Years now, that’s how long I’ve detested a great many things about this world
Being no one of consequence I keep these thoughts hidden
Putting on a polite smile and friendly face everyday
Only in the solitude to cyberspace are they shared
At least that’s what I want to say
Truth is, I voice them, often, daily
What’s most frightening isn’t that half the world could disappear tomorrow & I’d not care
Neither is it that I’ve forfeited my own life and willingly
That which is truly scary is these have been voiced, ofter, daily and no one hears them
So steeped in its own narcissism the world has, the people have become deaf, blind and,
Oblivious to it all, oblivious to it all.

Isolate & procrastinate

People say they’ll never forget
All that is learned from this will be treasured
New habits formed and lies changed
I give it a week
People are fickle
They value what they don’t have until they have it
Like a child crying of a talent toy that top upon its return only to discard it immediately
Why pretend to care or to learn from this
Do’t believe me, just ask, wait.. what was their name again?

I know it, do you…