That Smile

That smile reminded me of how much something so simple actually means, the feeling is more than words can describe.

It was a smile that had been missing and it warmed my heart to see it again, as a result I couldn’t help it smile back.

It doesn’t take much to bring back the reasons you care for someone, even if trust had been broken; now I have to wait and see if my trust can be restored.

The conversation was short and in a familiar place, for a brief moment I forgot everything and let her back in.

The girl with the beautiful smile.

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who smiles.

This girl, so riddled with insecurity and doubt, she has the most beautiful smile. Listing to her story and how she feels leaves me feeling sad that someone so genuine and kind does no feel she is worth anything, not love or even friendship.

She has spent a great deal of time acting how she feels she should, trying to be what she thinks everyone wants, when all she needs do is be herself.

Trivial things make her laugh, a natural laugh, unforced and uncontrollable… I can’t help but smile when I see her begin to relax. All the time she laughs she is herself and it’s a wonderful thing to see, if only she could let go of her personal hang ups, she could be happy.

If she could see what I see, all her insecurities would vanish. I told her one day she would make someone very happy, the look in her eyes was filled with doubt because of bad memories, that said I always trust my gut feeling and I stay positive for her because it will happen, all she needs now is faith in herself.

We hold ourselves back because we do not feel we deserve what we want.

All it really take is for us to smile and show others who we really are, all it takes is that one simple action. If we accept ourselves and smile life will be good.