Reminiscent Smile

A smile that I haven’t seen in a while began to re-emerge and a look in those eyes that is all to familiar, it would seem that a brief moment of reprieve is being enjoyed.

Sitting by the river I think about everything that has happened, those times which tried her and all the sacrifices she made that has left her so closed off; what happened to give her the idea that it’s better to just ignore that which stares her in the face and act as if nothing is wrong, what made her so closed?

As I look deeply into her eyes it’s like time itself stops and all I can see I her, the temptation to hold her close is unbearable, I have to keep distant; after all its not appropriate in my place of work.

In my heart I know that what once was will never be again, you can no more fix a broken plate than you can stop the sun from setting and leaving the sky each day, all that can be done now is to wait for the sun to rise again.

I can’t give you back what was taken from you and for that, I’m sorry.