New Year, Old Bullshit

What is this year going to bring I do wonder?

The one we’ve all but already forgotten was fairly basic with the occasionally dusting of absolute catastrophe on top.

Will any of that pop it’s head out from the hole of 2019 to take more flesh?


The problem with this world truly is the people in it, especially the entitled ones who feel they’re owed a debt of gratitude for the mediocre life they lead that gave nothing to the greater good.

I really do harbour a growing dislike for the majority of humanity these days, myself included. Sad really, yet that my friends is life.

‘The day death fell in love with life’

I watched a short 4min video yesterday that had no words, just an anime-esc drawing style.

It was a beautiful watch.

The seen just before the credits began to role was something that truly hit home because it was the choice of life to accept death and it’s embrace, even though death was hesitant.

The moment before the life slipped away both looked at peace, then after the strength had gone and the life was no more, death laid it to rest, paused for a solum moment and then continued leaving behind what it used to love.

I’m sure you could take a great many things from this depending on your perception.

From mine it was a simple lesson – Love while you can, embrace what is to come and know that in return it loved you too.