Those feelings you cling on to,
Give them away.

No longer are they yours to hold,
Willingly share the lessons learned as a gift.

What we choose to part with often comes back in the end,
Not the same, different, better, more.

Smile as you place them in the palm of another,
What changed you will stay forever so now it’s time to have this help someone else.

Seek not to take, claim, hold on to or have remain,
Give it all away.

Perfectly Human

You claimed to live your life for others. Giving up your dreams, your path for someone else as you were all they had.

A beautiful lie you told yourself so many times that you actually believe it.

The truth though, that is something very different.

You didn’t stay for another, you stayed because you were scared of having nothing, of being nothing. It was easier to claim self sacrifice for another happiness then to face your own fragility.

This is why you hold on, spinning a web of lies as you steal time with your sins all while wearing a mask of altruism. It is this denial, this lie that causes the pain you can’t seem to run from.

To use others as the excuse for your lack of meaning, or the reason why you sacrificed your true purpose is nothing short of cowardice.

Worry not though, it doesn’t make you anything other than perfectly human.

You’ll never be good enough

There are some people in this word that you will never be good enough for

Regardless of the changes you make

Of what you do to please them and gain their affection

You’re just never going to be enough

Yet all the time you chase the idea of who you love

The further away you get from the physical equivalent of it

Waste not your precious time

Because you’ll never be good enough for them


Until you’re no longer available to them that is

Then watch them come crawling back to you

With love in their eyes

Words of the sweetest tune you’ve ever heard

They’re finally yours to have

Now ask yourself, are they, were they ever really good enough for you?


31 years, 31 lessons learnt so far

1 – You need others to survive

2 – Learn to move forwards on your own

3 – Lying does’t always work, people know bullshit when they hear it

4 – Play while you can as it won’t last forever

5 – Education is now a part of your life

6 – Even Kings, Queens and the selfless heroes get betrayed by their people

7 – Families can break apart instantly

8 – One of your parents loves you more than themselves, the other not so much

9 – New surroundings are often hostile

10 – Sticks & stones don’t hurt near as much as the words of other children do

11 – Those who are toughest on you often see potential you don’t know you have

12 – Even though you’ve reached a peak at this stage in life it doesn’t mean it gets easier

13 – You’re no longer top dog because there are people far more naturally gifted

14 – Not all the options offered now, will be useful in the future

15 – When it all gets too much & you snap prey for the poor soul who gets the brunt of it

16 – Back to the top of the tree again, enjoy the power while it lasts because it won’t

17 – All your ‘jobs’ up until now gave you a very very wide birth, not anymore though

18 – Tequila is the devil

19 – You’re still a child, don’t forget it just yet

20 – Enjoy the respite, try hard at work, learn the skills you need and plan ahead

21 – Tequila is still the devil & you will repeat more than one of your mistakes in this life

22 – This isn’t 30 years ago, you can’t afford to move out without help

23 – The grass isn’t greener, now you know this, remember it, seriously, remember it

24 – When it seems you’ve got this life thing cracked in one part, another will fall apart

25 – Choices have consequence now because you can see how much others get hurt too

26 – Love is cruel

27 – Alcoholism holds no answers and many headaches

28 – Seriously, put down the bottle and ask for help there is nothing wrong with it

29 – In the end you’ll be okay because from all your struggle you grow

30 – Tequila, yea, you’re still going to repeat this mistake again

31 – Sometimes being on your own is better than being wth people because you’re lonely

There are many many more lessons from the years, however if there is one thing to take away from life so far it is this, have faith in yourself it will take you a long way and save you when no one else can.


Can, but should?

Just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should

Yet if you do, then you do not regret

Accept the choice, embrace every aspect of it

Mull over it in those times you can, reflect and learn

Repeat the action or banish it from your soul

Which ever you choose, never regret

Then remember this, even if banished it will never be too far away to be called upon

This is truth, this is your nature,

This is you.

‘The day death fell in love with life’

I watched a short 4min video yesterday that had no words, just an anime-esc drawing style.

It was a beautiful watch.

The seen just before the credits began to role was something that truly hit home because it was the choice of life to accept death and it’s embrace, even though death was hesitant.

The moment before the life slipped away both looked at peace, then after the strength had gone and the life was no more, death laid it to rest, paused for a solum moment and then continued leaving behind what it used to love.

I’m sure you could take a great many things from this depending on your perception.

From mine it was a simple lesson – Love while you can, embrace what is to come and know that in return it loved you too.