Pitch Forks & Torches

Sitting behind a screen watching the world descend into madness is easy.

For many it’s their first view of such things, forgetting the world outside of their world where bad things happen everyday.

To hear of the shock, horror and disgust some feel at what they’re seeing only reveals how long they’ve had their eyes closed, or at best averted from reality.

Seeing so many trying to do some good, to create a better world with their cause.


Many good causes get perverted. Well meaning messages manipulated. All fuel for their preferred pyre.

One day the mob will be outside, it is at that time you’ll realise it’s too late.

It was never about a cause for them, they just wanted anarchy.

Only You

To find that which you need the most you must go into the places you don’t wish to.

Once there you’ll be asked to make a trade.

The old you for the new.

No promise of a better you, stronger you or to have all you wounds healed, just you for you.


Can, but should?

Just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should

Yet if you do, then you do not regret

Accept the choice, embrace every aspect of it

Mull over it in those times you can, reflect and learn

Repeat the action or banish it from your soul

Which ever you choose, never regret

Then remember this, even if banished it will never be too far away to be called upon

This is truth, this is your nature,

This is you.