Modern Slaves

We are modern slaves

Social media is our chains

Technology our master


Written from a laptop, connected by WiFi, on to a form of social media

I am a slave just like you.



The Bubble

Then, just like that, it hits you.

You’ve become one of them.

I used to sit and see all the same faces and wonder what kept them in their routine. What kept them doing the same things over and over again.

As time went on the faces changed and then the irony hit. I am the person I used to see, sitting alone in a world of their own, totally immersed in their routine and now I know what it happens.

No one thinks they’re in a routine, a bubble of protection, a rut… We all feel we are living life dynamically and taking each chance that befalls us, when in reality we avoid anything that is not familiar. We delude ourselves in to thinking we are waiting, planning the next big thing when we’re not. We are simply waiting out life, living it as we always did until we eventually die.

One who I didn’t see, even though she was right there in front of me has done the impossible and booked a 1 way ticket to a new life with no plan. She leaves behind the stability, the routine, the bubble and embarks on what many of us dream of doing, or at least we like to say that’s our dream.

Nothing is holding us back, not really. We stay because we are scared, scared of change, scared of what could be, scared of failing and having to return ashamed to the people we left behind who will look at us with pity and behind their eyes we can see “I knew they wouldn’t last long.” we are weak, I am weak.

Perhaps it’s time to stop talking about it and take that first step…

Ego & Pride

Ego and Pride are so easily wounded, aren’t they. 

A friend today was stricken with strife because of being suddenly cut off. No warning, no hint, the apple of their eye suddenly went cold. 

“What have I done wrong?”

“Why do they show interest and then suddenly stop?”

“What do I do wrong?”

I find things like this amuse me because people will act the same towards those they don’t have much interest in once the initial lust is over. Yet, they never give a reason, they just assume their you will accept it and get over the rejection but when it happens to them the world suddenly become a cruel place.

My answer is simple; 

“Perhaps they just weren’t that in to you. Think of the people you’ve brushed off in the past in the same way. I guess you might not be so dismissive in the future eh?.”

How’s that for irony. 

Ironic Care

If something happens that is out of our control the first thing we all seem to do is run to the aid of the situation and say “I’m sorry I couldn’t….” the ending will vary depending on the situation but the underlying message is the same. We are not upset because of not being able to do anything, but because we feel we’ve failed as a person because things went wrong and by association we will be tarred with the brush of blindness.

People will ask the common “What happened?” and after telling the story thousands of times, each time with a larger sense of anxiety, we fear being judged because we couldn’t do anything. Thoughts begin to spin as we desperately try to read the minds of our inquisitors, all while trying to preserve our self held image that we are a good person and feel terrible for not being able to do a god dam thing.

In an attempt to save our image we adopt the role of the victim, when in fact we are nothing more than a bystander.

Ironic really, we live under the guise of the caring and doting person who always tries to save everyone but lacks any of the power, then when everything falls to pieces we rush to it’s aid in the hope of salvaging our image under the banner of ‘I feel guilty because I let you down.”… What utter bollocks.

We do not fail people when their life falls apart, what happened happened and there is nothing we could have done to have prevented it, it’s that simple. While we might actually care we do nothing about it until it begins to effect our own inner world and our externally perceived image.

We care ironically when it suits us or at least when it makes us look good.

People of Irony

These people… You know them.

We all know them.

One day the world will be at their mercy, cowering because of their rise; or so they would have you think.

They scorn without hesitation and then persist to be overcome by guilt when the opportunity they sought has passed, for them to become the martyr and not the tyrant. Soon after the passing of the tides they wish all that was said could be taken back, all the injustice could be wiped away and everything that’s now seen can be banished form existence.

I loath such people.

After the veils fall away you can see them, the moment is only brief but once you have seen you can never un-see. You will always know.

I say to those people make peace with yourself and let go of your guilt, it’s not worth holding on too, it will only destroy you from the inside out… slowly but surely, everyday and forever.

The most ironic part of it all is I too am one of those people.

Bitter Sweet Irony

Suddenly I became frozen in time as the world around me continued to move at a lightning pace. I was paralysed by what I had seen, my heart stopped. Reality came crashing down and I was surrounded by a crushing and bitter truth.

Feelings of elation, joy, passion began to boil over but those feelings were not alone. Loathing, hate and disgust lay on top of them like a think layer of oil sitting on the surface of the sea. I found the distasteful irony almost too much to bear, resulting in a jaded laugh of which no one would ever understand.

Once the initial rush of emotion subsided there was nothing left but a harrowing feeling of emptiness, it was as if someone had seen a light creeping from under a door that should not have been opened, peaked inside, turned out the light and closed the door forever so that no one else would have to witness the monstrosity that lay behind it.

I take comfort in knowing what I know. Yea, it’s enough.