What is it that makes us human
Could it be the random acts of kindness
Or the faith we have in others
Maybe it’s all of those

Are we so hopelessly divine
That redemption is not needed
Our sacrifice unwarranted

Does magnanimity abhor
The altruistic acts

Allude us the answer does.

Three Wise Men

I walked past three homeless men today. They were talking about their time in the army, this caused me to stop and sit on a bench while putting my music on silent so I could listen in.

The more I listened, the more I watched people go by and utter profanities about them.

Now I have no idea if they really were ex service men of not, but I decided to walk in to Tesco making slight eye contact and then walking past them, waiting to hear what they would say because they thought I could hear them.

“Have a good day.” And a smile was what I got from them. Overcome with emotion, I made a choice, I had no cash so unused my card to buy them lunch.


I don’t know I just did. I went back outside with sandwiches and each one of them looked at me with a truly thankful look.

Something as small as a sandwich seemed to mean a great deal to them. I don’t know the real reasons why they were on the street, but I spent £3 on 3 sandwiches, it’s not a lot in the grand scheme of things. I could have wasted £3 on something meaningless and crap just as easily, why not waste it on people who seem to need it?

I would like to think if I was in their position they would have done the same.

We all want money, but what is the value of money if you can use it to make people smile?