The Reoccurring Dream

Last night I had the dream. 

You were in pain. 

You were suffocating. Drowning. Slowly dying and no one could see… No one, not even me. 

I had blocked out thoughts of such possibility and accepted the chosen reality. 

Then you were there, stood in front of me. You had to show me something so that I would understand. Your ‘Life’s dance’ you called it. While graceful and divine it was filled with shape turns, rough edges and a look of fear.

You broke down in tears.

I tried not to succumb to the cries of the Banshee. I fought the Sirens call with all of my will, but what I could not bear to see was the pain in your eyes. It tore me apart, both heart and soul.

I pulled you close. I told you everything would be ok. 

I had lied. 

Nothing would ever be ok… Not for you. Instead the lie that had now become the truth was all you had.

It’s all you would ever have.