Homeless Heretic

The ramblings of the homeless, maybe they have more to them then we know.

“God is dead! Murdered by that which he created and favoured most. Look in the mirror and you will see your true enemy.”

Quite chilling.

Was it meth induced, the cries of a broken mind or the horrid truth behind the veil.

Devine Intervention or Coincidence 

Short moments ago I wrote about waiting for Devine intervention, just now two men of faith approach me fro out of the blue and offer to listen to my problems.

A coincidence or and act of the Almighty?

Is that it’s way of showing a subtle hint of its presence and how it heard my silent cries of frustration or was it just an accident and dumb luck? 

Such remote probability of  such an event does make you wonder. Maybe, just maybe there is more to it all. 

Either way I’ve not been showered with fortune or faith, thus I will keep moving forwards because I’ve got no other choice. 

We Don’t Need You.¬†

God it Gods?

Depending on your belief you may have many or just one, but they all have something in common. They want to take everything from you in exchange for their benevolance, yet given the start of our world I have yet to see their favour.

If you look you will see nothing but darkness, maybe this is the result of following in the light and for as long as you blindly follow you will forever be trapped in the shadows unable to escape. 

We have no need for God(s) who only take.