A Word of Caution

I found myself giving words of warning to someone who is playing a game I’m all to familiar with. While the choice is theirs alone I know from experience that there are never any winners in the end.

The game is a lot like chess. Some sacrifices are welcome, others are necessary but there will come a time where you eventually lose something precious and that is when you realise the mistake you’ve made.

Life is a game, however in the end the only real winner is time because no one has yet bested it. Therefore why waste the limited moves you have one the games that do nothing but cost you your future because once you lose time you can win it back.


It was somewhat gratifying to receive silence as a response when they didn’t get their own way.

What once started out as friendship has turned very bitter, but the funny part is there was no need for things to go this way, as a result I now have no sense of loyalty to them and feel no need to extend them any curtsy.

I know there will be more onslaught in the future days to come, but trying to upset my balance will only serve to fortify it.

Considering I have nothing to lose, I have no limits to hold me back.

Freedom came at a steep price, a long time ago.


It seems that a game is being played… I find this course of action so very tedious, but when a person decides to act like a child that is the treatment they will receive.

The excuses and lies fall short when there is much evidence to disprove their claims, it is sad to think we can misjudge people so much.

They are childish and like to win…but… I am also childish, and like to win.