To See & Be Set Free

I can see you.

If I can see you. so can everyone else…
If everyone else can see you then I have no other option left. I have no other choice but to prepare myself and find the courage to do it myself.
As I stare in to the mirror and look at my body all I can see is a road map of pain. Something that has held me back time and again, yet I’ve always found a way to overcome my limitations and press on, regardless of the cost.
It seems now though that there is a roadblock in my way, it refuses me at every attempt, it is in my way. Spouting out nonsense and false logic, it tries to justify its lack of integrity by convincing me there is nothing wrong.
If that is the case then I have gone truly mad.
Rational thinking was always a strong point of mine, but now the line has become smeared between genius and insanity, so much so that I no longer even know which side of the line I stand on anymore.
It will be fun, finding out.
What is it they say?
“One for sorrow?”
A lonely Magpie happily hops along in front of me, he hasn’t got a care in the world. He only needs to do what is right by him and survive, oh how I wish all life was like that. To be defined by our ability to survive and nothing else, now that would make for some interesting learning, especially when we have become obsessed with that which doesn’t really matter.
I wonder, would I survive if that was my only reason for existing?
How I envy the animals of the world. How all they have to focus on is survival, to live each day with the simple purpose of just surviving is thrilling, yet sad. If I really think about it i would say that I envy their freedom.
Maybe that’s it… Maybe I feel trapped?
Perhaps this is why I have been seeking solitude so desperately, all in the hope to find the freedom I want, or the freedom I once had at least.
I guess no matter what side of this blurry line I eventually end up on, it won’t matter as long as with it comes freedom. My freedom.

Caught on the Wind

To be a feather caught on the winds with no idea of your destination or path may seem like freedom, many would relish in relinquishing their responsibilities and feeling free, sadly you would never be free.

You would be subject to the wind, you would have not control over your destination of the path of which you took.

You may find yourself falling, tumbling our of control towards a place filled with strife, pain and self pity with no way to stop.

To take responsibility for your actions, your choices and the consequences and learn from the mistakes you’ve made is the true path to happiness. Not happiness in what we have, happiness in who we are, happiness in being able to stand as say “I have lived my life and made mistakes, I have learned each time and that is why now I have everything”.

We have everything and nothing. We have the most powerful thing in the world. We have choice….

Now is the time to choose, the fall onto the winds like a feather and be carried to unknowing places or to choose your own path to follow and make your own future rather than live someone else’s.

“Live the life you want with your destination in mind, have your own dreams not someone else’s”

Distant Wings

To have wings and fly,

To leave behind that which we know,

To soar up high into the sky,

To be set free and choose where we go,

Those wings… I want them.

Forgotten faces from the past,

Forgotten troubles that held us here,

Forgotten memories never meant to last,

Forgotten pains and forgotten fear.

No longer bound by these afflictions,

We break free of our convictions.

Those distant wings we once sought are no longer dreams held in our thoughts,

Those distant wings have set us free, 

It’s time too fly,

Do you trust me?  


Tides of Change

The fear we have is simple and clear,

Change is upon us,

It draws ever near.

To stop change, would be like stopping time,

Frozen in a moment,

What was yours and mine.

We fear a life with changing tides,

You cannot stop it,

And neither can I.

Accept the changes that knock an thy door,

They Knock louder and louder,

As you cower on the floor,

Fear not the change that triggers your fear, stand tall and proud to shout this out loud.

The fear I once had, those changes in me,

Are now accepted,

So I can go free.

Not bound by fear or hate or worse,

It’s not my stories end,

But only a verse.







Those Wings

 “A bird with wings can fly and be free yet they choose to stay as do we.”

Flocks of birds soring in the the sky have the power to go anywhere yet they choose to stay in the place they always have, it seems all of the creatures of the earth form attachment to that which they call home.

Unlike people birds do not fear falling, they take that leap of faith and follow their natural instincts and fly. Forgetting fear and letting go they achieve what can only be described as freedom, given the chance would you take the leap and fly or stay bound to the earth surrounded by doubt and uncertainty?

Why is it then we seem to have forgotten what really matters in life? Material possessions have become more than obsession they have become necessity, we have become reliant on them and fear their loss, we fear life with nothing but to live a life with no purpose except for that of wanting more means we miss what really matters… I guess then we truly do have nothing.

To fly and be free,

To soar and to see,

A life from above,

Would you fly with me?

To leave this place and travel the world,

Just two people, a boy and a girl.