Hiding Behind Projections

If only they knew the truth
You’d be in danger of dying known as a good person
Lucky for you they don’t

Fighting Myself

A dream stuck on a loop.

That’s never happened before.

Hundreds of different variations to it all stemming from the same starting point.

People in danger, only some can be saved, many times I tried to find a way to do it all and each time I failed because I just wasn’t strong enough, fast enough, I just wasn’t enough.

All that power and it still the scales couldn’t be tipped.

Then came the epilogue.

Surrounded by rubble and failure.

“This is how it starts, they steal small things of not consequence and soon that’s not enough. Deeper and deeper the fall until catastrophe is the only option left. Thats the reason I couldn’t win, because I was….”

Who are you really?

I am no one.

I was born no one and I will die that very same way.

Over the course of my currently short life I have accomplished very little in all truth, small things here and there yet in thegranfd scheme of things they amount to nothing and once my eyes close never to open again and I fade to dust I will be forgotten.

In life I’m just another face in the crowd to many.

To others I was the arbiter of their pain and everything that was evil in their world.

Never was I anything good to anyone, nor did I really desire to be.

Greed was my governing sin, followed closely by pride, lust and wrath.

Regardless it doesn’t matter because in the end I will be nothing more than I currently am, nothing.