It’s clawing

Wrenching chunks of the wall free as it climbs

Closer and closer

It won’t be long now before it reaches the top

There is little more left to keep it down


Soon, the feeling of it breathing down my neck will no longer just be the wind

It’s coming

It’s almost here….

Life of poets

Poets of old and new

Forging together rhythm and rhyme to please you

Some based on lies, others on what is all to true

They could be based on history and emotion brought back on cue

How to catch you attention I certainly have no clue

All I know is what I’ve been through

Maybe, just maybe you’ve had the same experiences, can you give me a clue

Or perhaps it’s all random crap to scavenge a like or two

Such is the life of poets both old and new.

Looking Back

One day I will look back and see all the oppertunities I’ve missed. 

All those words I could have said, they will be nothing more than whispers onthe winds of what could have been for a person that’s no longer there. 

I’m not the only one who will reach this point in life, there will be plenty of other people in the same place to. We will walk past each other in the street with a false smile and dead eyes for the chances past and the knowledge that things could have been different.

It’s funny really. Even though I already know of several people that could have been a part of what one may call the future I can’t be sad because I can see them happily leading different lives. I mourn not for my loss because it couldn’t have been any other way, I mourn for the time they wasted with me. 

True, being alone can seem sad but in the end it’s not so bad, at least you’ll always know where you stand. 

Where does it all stem from? The self imposed prison. That’s easy to answer because it comes from my distrust in people… In myself. I’d rather live with that burden secluded and alone than put it on anyone else. 

Menacing Qi

It was as if a knife with a blade sharper than razors edge had been thrust into me, waking me from my dreamless sleep.

As I lay there with nothing except silence surrounding me, I can feel a strange Qi emanating from an unknown source. This particular Qi felt sickening, like there was a thousand bad thoughts and feelings flowing through one single person at the same time. It was the feelings of fear, guilt and regret that I could feel the most.

After suffering a night of broken sleep the feeling is no less prevalent. Something is wrong. Like a black storm cloud following me wherever I go, it disrupts my thoughts.

Through meditating I manage to control my thoughts and clear my mind, I can’t explain why but I need to find the source of this energy and quickly, for I fear something bad is about to happen.

It feels like someone’s world is about to be destroyed.