It’s Only Words

How may words are written each day on blogs around the word?

Millions… perhaps Billions.

I saw a fellow write take up a challenge to write 400 words per day. I feel I may join him in the endeavour, after all, it’ only 400 words.

Here goes nothing…

Blood Sun:

The somber morrow breaks the veil of night. I watch as the blood sun rises in the distance, slowly, gracefully and with great purpose. I feel it’s warmth calling to me, like a distant voice on the wind, I yearn to know its secrets.

The blood sun has reached its peak, the heat it emanates is almost unbearable, yet still I cannot tear myself away from watching… waiting to learn the secrets.

The day draws to an end, the blood sun slowly descends behind the mountains in the distance and still I know none of its secrets… Perhaps I never will.


I can see the farmers working in their fields, digging trenches and laying the seeds that will bring the next harvest. I do envy their simple lives and wonder what it must be like to have so little, to work tirelessly everyday just to survive.

I guess I will never know, my journey does not offer my the luxury or a life worth living. While they will reap their harvest, I must watch them until it is time for me to reap their souls and claim my bounty fee.

Until that time I though I can just sit and watch them play out their little lives.


Hells Goddess Roar and Heavens Demon Sneer… Both one and the same, they keep the balance of this fragile place we call home. We are left to the mercy of their actions, good, bad or indifferent, we must seek forgiveness for the sins of our Fathers to appease the Goddess and bear the burdens of our Mothers to spare torment at the hands of the Demon… We are forever bound by the chains of Heaven and Hell.


What are words to you?

Are they your sword or your shield?

Do you use the gift you’re given to inspire good or to incite evil?

Words are all we have. They have the power to change the word, but no one will ever say what needs to be said, less they become a martyr to a lost cause of hopeless dreams. It’s always easier to say nothing and let the world assume that there is nothing to say.

Silence is the chosen word. It echoes in the halls, it fills the empty spaces, it is filled with raw emotion and forgotten dreams.

So will you use your voice or not?

A Short Story of Love

As the light fades, he slowly starts to disappear.

Running to him she is met with only a formless shadow.

Tears run down her face.

“I love you… I always have.” She weeps.

“I know.” He says. His last words as he fades away with the light.

Then, just like that, she was alone once more. 

Their time was brief, but his memory will be eternally etched in to her heart forever.

That was, and always is love.

Falling Cards

My head is filled with thoughts and endless possibilities. People actions have caused the wheels to be set in motion, and now there is nothing I can do to stop the cards from falling.

By a persons own admittance and substantial evidence to their actions, the course of least resistance I hoped for is now unattainable. As a result of this a gentleman’s agreement can’t be upheld, nothing can be done.

My hands feel tied.

I shall prepare for the onslaught of what will come. It’s sad, because what I thought was over has only just begun, and now, once again, I have to leave the outcome to the wills of others.

Coincidence of Fate

Is it coincidence or maybe fate?
Or perhaps it’s the choices and chances that we take.
To live as we are, a life half lived,
Or make the choice on what chances we give.
Do you give them the chance,
Or do you walk away without a second glance.
Should you sit think about what choice to make?
Or go with gut feeling before it’s too late.
The choice is yours, you must act fast,
Or learn the hard way these chances don’t last.