Bitter Sweet Irony

Suddenly I became frozen in time as the world around me continued to move at a lightning pace. I was paralysed by what I had seen, my heart stopped. Reality came crashing down and I was surrounded by a crushing and bitter truth.

Feelings of elation, joy, passion began to boil over but those feelings were not alone. Loathing, hate and disgust lay on top of them like a think layer of oil sitting on the surface of the sea. I found the distasteful irony almost too much to bear, resulting in a jaded laugh of which no one would ever understand.

Once the initial rush of emotion subsided there was nothing left but a harrowing feeling of emptiness, it was as if someone had seen a light creeping from under a door that should not have been opened, peaked inside, turned out the light and closed the door forever so that no one else would have to witness the monstrosity that lay behind it.

I take comfort in knowing what I know. Yea, it’s enough.

Vacant Face

The erie chill of a vacant face is as haunting as it is sad. We can see it from afar but like the tides of the sea we can do nothing to change it. All we can do is sit and watch as it gets further away.

This vacant face lacks the expression it once did, the fires that once danced and flourished with rising heat were left to dwindled to mere embers, now they’re nothing more than a pile of smouldering ashes. Grey, lifeless and barely warm.

That vacant face now lives life projecting an illusion that no one else can see through.

The truth is in whose who see the reflection, because the reflection is the truth, and what can be seen by the vacant face and only the vacant face.

Some Faces

Some faces look happy
Some faces look sad
Some faces just make you mad

Others may smile
Others may frown
Others will stare when you turn around

There are those you see every day
There are those you see once but never again
There are some try to forget in vain

But in the end the face is just a face.

So many memories.

I have so many memories,
Of people and places,
But some of the best are those of faces.

I have so many memories,
Both young and old,
Behind each one is a story to be told.

I have so many memories,
Are they real or just my fantasy?
It matters not, in the end, they’re only for me to see.

I have so many memories,
lets make many more,
Just you and me.

Fading Faces

In life there are those people who once shone brightly like stars in the sky, and like stars in the sky they eventually fade away, becoming nothing more than a faceless presence of a time long past.

What causes us to fade away? To let that flame die out to mere smouldering embers and give up? Who really knows, or even cares anymore.

When you look in to the endless mass of people walking towards you, you can see it in their eyes, that dull look as if the world itself has just weighed them down and then you see others with smiles so bright because they hide a world of anguish behind them.

As life goes on more faces fade and as you pass them you can’t help but stop, even if only for a brief second and think “do I know them?”.

When we reach a time in our life’s where it all seems too much that is when we have to choose, to let our flames become smothered and die as to be free of the struggle and just accept the life that has been forced upon us, or we can face the ferocious tidal wave that eclipses the sun head on and burn harder than ever before splitting that once monstrous wall of nothing in two and emerge stronger than we ever thought possible.

People will try and stop you because they cannot bare to see someone succeed where they failed. Keep pushing and never look back and remember this… some can do it alone, some cannot, never be afraid to make your choice and never be afraid to ask for help to push back that which is charging at you. 

Don’t become one of the fading faces of the world, become who you are and more.