Young Loves Blossom

The story is always the same
Again young love blossoms before my eyes
Her smile illuminates the room
He too smiles, he waits, he tries.

Their hands touch
The friend who loves, he hides in plain sight
A playful laugh
Sadly giving up, never willing to fight.

The connection is real
He will be the loving friend, always adored
Her eyes are set one someone else
He will be the loving friend and nothing more.

Those Eyes

For a long time now I have found a persons eyes to be the most fascinating aspect to observe, simply because you can’t hide anything from those who are really looking.

The eyes can show you every emotion that person has been through, and every emotion they hope to experience.

Do not be fooled though… A person who only wants to look for that which they seek will see a reflection of themselves, they will never see past what has been or what might be, they will never quite grasp what it means to truly look at someone.

In the eyes of the many I see such similarities, stories that are so close together the only difference is the characters, but, every once in a while I see something that fascinates me; and this only leads me to want more.

It’s that outward expression of hope with the internal insecurity, the fear that resides in the unseen that results in the denial that causes me wander what else is behind those eyes. This is a look only known to few, but it’s the one worth looking for because these people are something special.

When you see a pair of eyes do you just see eyes, or like me do you see a person?

Perfectly flawed, imperfectly exceptional, constantly inconsistent and more importantly… Connected.

Blind to it All.

We are blind to it all.

Can you see it?

It’s right there, it’s right there calling to us.

If you cant see it, what can you see? Darkness, Light?

I see it, and it calls to me. It calls to my instincts, my passions, my desires. It calls to my weakness…

It sees in my soul and the hollow space of that which once was. It knows that which has stayed hidden for decades… It knows.

I know its words. I can hear them as clear as the sounds of falling rain. Through my blind eyes, I can see.

Can you see it? Does it call to you too?

A Lonely Look

A girl surrounded by sadness, her eyes hold a deep inner sorrow and a feeling of unworthiness.

She smiles with held back tears, confusion is set in her mind, and yet all she really wants is to be understood.

All some people want is to talk where others just want someone there, even if they sit in silence just having a fellow soul to share their pain with is enough.

The look this girl had took me back, I wanted to ask what was wrong yet I knew I would not get a coherent answer, it must be very lonely for her being surrounded by people who cannot see she is crying out for help.

How is it everywhere I look I can see struggles behind the masks many wear and yet others cannot? Am I seeing a cast reflection of myself or perhaps it is because when I was in that place I wanted the same thing….


I shall take a step back and offer a hand that can be taken if she wants, I shall not unlock her emotions as I have done with people in the past. This time I shall wait.

Sad Eyes

“Sometimes it’s hard to switch off and unsee the looks behind people’s eyes.”

Anxiety, uncertainty and fear is what I can see, masked by over expressive words and gestures that are set to create a false world of happiness, created to keep out those closest until there will be no one left who cares; until all that is left is an isolated Hell of their own creation and a broken shell who’s soul rotted away years ago.

To see such things haunts me, so scared, so helpless it’s sad really.

That said if that is their choice then people will accept it, only seeing the facade and allowing for the belief that it’s all “fine & happy” but if you really look you will see otherwise.

People choose to ignore that which takes place behind closed doors.

In the end a once vibrant person accepts their own world of misery, believing it is normal to feel worthless and unhappy yet still choosing to stay in such a place, why? Perhaps Love is the reason?  Who really knows. From all I’ve seen the answer is simple, they will stay out of fear.

If you look into the eyes of people you will know if they are happy.

“Your eyes cannot lie”