“It’s funny how sometimes things just click and fall into place.” I’ve spent so much time moving forwards only to get dragged back without any warning, today was different. Waking up to the suns eternal glory and the sound of nothing but birds chirping I noticed something on my phone, a notification that surprised me but my thoughts weren’t draw to look because they were elsewhere. It had been a long time since someone else had occupied my thoughts so intensely. The day was bright and warm, perfect for watching the world go by and talking. I found myself looking at her differently, noticing more than I had before, her eyes has a glimmer in them a look that.I hadn’t seen in a while and it was beautiful. I began to think “I would like this to go somewhere, I guess time will reveal that answer.” Recent events had been eye opening, it was time to not only look but observe, because I might, just might have a chance to be happy… a better chance. “It is true what people, everyone deserves a second chance.”


Master or Marionette?

“One commands, one follows, Which are you?”

They say jump, you say how high? This is the plight of the world we live in, filled with people that obey their self anointed master. It is far easier to accept the commands of another for their praise and reward not matter how pathetic it is.

This has become viewed as normal, it’s sad to see so many people fall victim to this.

The question is which is which? Is the master truly the one in control of have they been cleverly manipulated by their slave into thinking they have control? The sign of a true master of deception is to fool those around them to believe that they are the innocent lost soul crying for help… crying for help, behind endless tears and screams, tears and screams that are not real, tears and screams that conceal what lay beneath the surface.

They utter words so perfectly timed they have the power to influence the emotions of their victims to believe what they want them to believe.

So which are you? A helpless soul trapped in a crumbling reality unable to escape or are you the one pulling the strings of the countless puppets you control?

Take the time to look and you will see who is which in this world, watch their eyes, a person’s eyes cannot lie.

“It’s all about the eyes, no matter how beautiful, they might just be seething with corrupting”