Dreaming is the closest we will ever get to a wish coming true
Reality isn’t that kind to people like me & you.


Too Real

That dream was far too real.

Indistinguishable from reality, for most of it I had no idea it was a dream.

This realisation only because apparent time slowed, it was like moving through treacle.

Snapping myself away there was a cold sweat present and for the first time in a long time I was physically disturbed by something that wasn’t even real, yet it could be.

Worst part about it all was that even though it was a dream violence was a central part.

Always a central part is one of the three.

The most in one has been two, fight & literal flight.

I wonder what will happen when all three appear, guess one day I will find out.

Decade Dream Reborn

It’s been over a decade since last this happened
The fight never ending
Hoards of endless thoughts and past regrets
Unable to overcome or surpass them
In the distance I could see him
The one that started it all
Time stood still, my enemies froze
In this dream of mine I finally did it again
I took full control
No longer just there watching it play out
No longer only able to control a little here and there
No longer was the dream my prison
I took full control because this is my world
Casting off the invisible bindings
The ground beneath me began to sink
Exploding in to the sky and perching the clouds towards him
Faster than before
Stronger than before
I saw his face clear as my own reflection
“Time to wake up” he said
You won’t get away, not again
Tonight I’m coming for you
Tonight we end this.

Endless Foes & Mighty Blows

Last night was an endless fight
One after another they came
My blows started off mighty
Soon they became weaker and weaker
The onslaught was relentless
Forward I pressed on
Every one I fell take a toll
Paying the price with every blow my vision began to blur
Slower all movement became
With no end in sight I had no other choice
Thus I continued to fight

Hello there, dearie

The one that got away
One I was too scared to connect with

There they were, looking at me as they did, smiling patiently while I hesitated
To push them away was my only option
Fear took hold because being vulnerable is only something the strong can handle
Only once have I taken such a step and it almost killed me, literally

It’s not the first time they’ve been by my side on the vast dreamscape
Such will never be anymore
That times passed and the opportune moment with it

We are foolish children in adult bodies
Still cowering in the corner scared of being alone
Frozen and unable to move
Hiding behind our strength and willingness to suffer

All that is yearned for is to allow it to happen
To fall deeply in to that abyss again
That will always be my most cherished memory and deepest regret because

You broke my heart.