It came from a mirrors refection in a dream

Honestly….. It’s time I grew up, and stopped hurting people
Hurting so many people
It’s my shame, my shady past that lingers, haunting me
At every turn I see a face that wept because of me
I didn’t care then, nor do I now, it’s just reminiscent self pity
We all make our choices, we all live with their consequences
Greed, lust and pride, oh how it helped me soar
Now though, no more
Honestly….. It’s time I grew up, and stopped hurting people

Knock, Knock

Last night there was two definitive knocks at my door,
Behind the wood they stood.

I pause for but a mere second,
Softly I approach.

Unlatching, unbolting and unlocking,
There they stood in utter silence.

Naked, exposed without any barriers I stand locked eye to eye,
Here we remained, unmoving, never saying a word.

Living dreams.

I was asleep, and fully awake.

I have had the ability to control my dreams for many years, all it takes is a simple tell, a small inconsistency and that’s it, I know I’m dreaming.

The mental fatigue I suffer the next day is a small price to pay for the freedom of a living dream.

Over the years I’ve mastered my control of scenes, setting and even what people are in my dreams. My most favoured skill is the ability to fly, with it I travel the world and feel truly free.

Flying feels pretty good.