One and Nothing

The days merge in to one is it Monday, Thursday… Perhaps a Sunday?

Living and existing are two very different things by definition. As I live in this now merged world I ponder many thoughts about what actually matters and what doesn’t, but I always end up coming to the same conclusion – Nothing matters unless we choose so.

Is this the deeper meaning of meanings?

After all, if we choose not to care about something would it still matter in the grand scheme of things? I guess depending on what you consider to have true value that answer is no.

To have control of your mind, nay, your emotional mind is what can make the difference between strength and weakness, love and hate, fear and courage, maybe, just maybe this is what is missing from it all.

Control over what nothing else can control, unless you choose it too. Is that the real meaning of it all…

New World

When I awoke from a dreamless sleep I was in time to witness the end of your world,

The only thing to do is to keep moving forward,

Your world will begin anew,

New memories will replace those you hold,

Your pain will fade with the old world,

Your new beginning goes hand in hand with your salvation.

Cast off what has held you back,

Open your heart and regain what was lost,

Embrace the chaos in your heart,

It is what we share.

My friend,

Healer of the world,

Hero of the dawn,

You are free.

Unbound Chaos

He falls only to rise again,

Each time coming back for her,

He falls each time yet his choice it does remain,

Each time she is reborn their feelings begin to stir,

He falls into the chaos, it is what keeps him here,

It was her gift to keep him strong,

A love that turned to chaos,

A love heard in her song.

The song she sings, it stays the same, she dies he remains,

He waits for her each time she fades, his soul slowly rotting away,

To free her from this fate she hath made,

Is his only dream.

Unleash the chaos from his heart and break the ties of time,

Unleash the chaos and darken the world, to save the girl which fate does hold.






A Heart of Chaos.

Inside this chest beats a heart of chaos,

The manifestation of pain once caused,

Tormented and torn through the trials of time,

Subject to endless suffering and loss,

Corrupted is this heart once pure and divine,

Now nothing can change this chaos of mine,

To change the future is to change the past,

This cannot be done so chaos shall last.


Reforging Flames

After many years of wandering through the wastelands and decaying world the fallen champion find a suspicious looking dark castle, as he approaches the screams of the tortured can be heard through the wailing winds, still undeterred he continues to approach.

Standing at the castle gates he stares up at their malevolent grandeur, a haunting aura surrounds this place, drenched in pain and suffering with the reeking stench of fear exuding from those inside its walls.

The gates open and all that can be seen is a black hole of despair waiting to swallow those weak enough to blink in its presence, without hesitation and nothing more than the sword stained with his own blood clutched in his hand he entered.

The gates slam behind him, he does not look back, to look back would provide nothing but more darkness. Walking through the dark and dank courtyard various eyes watch him while cowering in the shadows.

Death is circling this castle and all who inhabit it, he thinks. He continues through unfettered by these afflictions for they were blessings compared to what he had suffered. Entering the dark castle chambers he sees nothing but more shadows and dust. 

“Tell me stranger, what possessed you to step into the unknown and grace us with your presence?” A voice from the shadows asked. 

“Knowledge” he replied.

“A wise man will seek knowledge to help those who need it and heed the warnings of others because of dangerous potential of knowledge, a fool will seek knowledge for personal gain a.d ignore the cautions that others of which speak. Which are you?” A second shadowed voice says.

“Neither, I seek knowledge to free me of my past. I seek knowledge so that I can share the secrets so that they are not lost in time and kept by those selfish enough to hoard them.” The fallen one said with conviction.

“A fall from grace you have suffered, the pain we see lies deep. You are worthy to be reborn. There will be pain beyond pain that is  price for this gift we offer you.” Said from the shadows behind him.

“Then I will scream loudly.” He answers. 

Dropping the blade he held so tight throughout his journey and opening his arms to embrace the shadows he is surrounded, engulfed by them. These were mere babies of darkness compared to the feelings he had left in the sleeping forest.

The shadows surrounding him dissipated and he stood in a dark armour forged by these entities and brandished a blade that was the embodiment of his past. The price of this was simple, to relinquish his paladin heart and accept the heart of chaos…. 

“Do you accept?” They asked.

“Yes” pierced through the heart with the blade he dropped, the blade that bore his blood, blinding pain radiated from within. His screams are a chilling sound even to those tortured souls who had resided in the castle for centuries.

The pain resides and the deep is done. He was no longer a fallen champion but a Knight of Chaos.

Leaving the castle the once noble champion walks into the night but not as he was before, now he was more than he once was. He would bring suffering to all who caused it and bring balance once again to his life, the start of a new journey had begun.