Can you feel it?

Lush green now has a hint of autumn red creeping through
Illuminated by a cloudless sky
The summer tries desperately to hold on
Try as it might it’s dance is over, it’s been over for a while
Now there is just the lingering remanence of what was
A new day approaches with a brisk chill and refreshing hue
Embrace what is to come instead of holding on to what is done.

A quick post on kettlebells.

I love kettlebells.
The end,
Okay there is a little more.
Kettlebells are all the gym you’ll ever need.
Did you know that some people truly detest training, they literally hate it.
It’s a means to an end and the thought of going to the gym several days a week just bores them.
Enter the Kettlebell.
A humble tool that will change your body composition with 7 simple movements, you could do it with as little as 1, however 7 will give you some variety.
They are:
– Swings (double, single, overhead)
– Snatch
– Clean & Jerk (or strict press or push press)
– Squat (goblet or single/double rack or overhead single/double)
– Renegade Row
– Windmill (or 2 hand anyhow for more advanced greviks)
– Get Up
Why these 7?
They will cover CV, Strength, Endurance, Mobility and above all else they’re fun.
You can pick one lift per training session or perhaps use 2 or three, it’s dealers choice.
A suggestion:
Warm up with swings each workout
Day 1 –
Clean & Jerk followed by Windmill followed by Overhead Squat (yep a combination to create a mini complex)
1 rep of each, repeat for 30min
Day 2 –
Snatch – 15 rep arm OMEM 20min
Get up – 1 each arm repeat for 20min
Day 3 –
Clean & Jerk – 4 blocks of 5min (no putting the bells down int he 5min blocks) – rest 2.5min
Renegade Row – 50 reps per arm
We haven’t even looked at one of my favourite complexes either –
Use 2 kettlebells, 5 reps of each exercise:
– Swings
– Snatches
– Clean
– Squat
– Press
– Renegade Row
– Rest & repeat
Do either 5-10 rounds or a 30min solid block of AMRAP – rest as needed.
If you have an array of kettlebells, say 3 pairs – 16/24/32kg, you’ll have more than enough to completely change your body.
Honestly, kettlebells are the best.

Early Bird

As the world sleeps I am awake, finding peace in solitude and comfort in the silence. The early hours of the night welcome me with open arms, like a mother reaching out for her child.

Finally, I feel like I belong once more.

Half of my day has already passed, my work is almost done, all I have left is to put pen to paper or rather fingers to keys and write these simple 400 words.

It’s getting easier.

Perched in a familiar coffee shop I am still largely unknown, the men and woman who reside here in the early hours of the morning are those of high business class, or at least that is what they would have you believe. However their desperate attempt to jumpstart their bodies as what I can only assume was night of broken sleep shows me differently.

Among the zombies dragging their heels there are a few who are awake and walking powerfully with purpose. Each one of these rare people notices me watching the flock, they give a polite nod as a gesture of their appreciation for a fellow person welcomed by the abyss.

There is a focus in their eyes, a determination in their spiritual presence and an unrelenting desire to achieve.

Presumptuous it might be for me to assume all of that from nothing more than a simple pacing glance, but I know enough to trust my gut and it never steers me wrong in such things. That is why I have decided to follow my instincts once more, to cast aside the voices of the others in my head and make each step because I choose to, not because I’m told.

I had become mired in the mud, but now I have pulled myself out.

Time alone, time to plan, time to create, time to grow. I never realised how much I enjoy being a shadow, a nameless face that smiles because he can, not because he should. It’s so easy to get caught up in everything that we start to get dragged down. I have a long way to go, there are still issues that need to be resolved but I will tackle them head on as I always have.

The colour grey still resonates around me, the cloud has not lifted but at least it has broken enough so that I can see the radiant blue sky that await on the other side.

This is another part of my journey, no doubt one of many more to come.

Will you join me through writing and verse?

What Lay Beneath.

Though I am not the strongest, fastest, smartest, most selfless or benevolent, I am honest to a fault and it causes me no end of troubles.

Honesty have never been the best policy. Who really wants the truth when it’s far easier to believe a convenient lie?

No one.

I was sat listening to a conversation today between two feminists. While both had fiery passion in their voices, the conversation was one of discrimination and prejudice, I fond the irony quite amusing.

It struck me that people want you to believe they’re as pure as freshly laid snow, but they forget that although the snow may portray a perfect image, it is what lies beneath that provides the substance and support of that image. Thus, the image can only be supported for so long before it melts away and we are able to see the truth.

Having an opinion is not wrong, nor is having a different opinion for that of your acquaintances, friends and even family. This is what gives us our individuality, our character, both good and bad. So why do so many try to hide what they are?

Fear is the only answer I can find, but perhaps I can’t see past the history of my life for anything else.

I believe we all live in fear to some form or lesser degree.

The fear of failure
The fear of achievement
The fear of persecution
The fear of loss
The fear of judgement
The fear of letting those in need down
The fear of not being what we pretend to be…

When the world around us is in flames and the black ash covers the ground for miles to see, this is when we will truly know what scares us. Will we fear the raging inferno and the life it will take from us, or do we fear surviving the blaze and having nothing to live for.

Death or Life.

Which will you fear?

Do People Change?

Do we every really change?


Maybe, just maybe all we do is grow.

As the sun sets it will always be the same, yet different each day, never rising in exactly the same place… well, not in our lifetimes anyway.

The way I write has changed, does that mean I have too?

Or have I just grown… Learning from each new mistake, and every one twice repeated.

It crosses my mind who reads what I write and why. For what reasons will my simple musings catch their eye?

I yearn to know things I never will, but that’s what makes each day worth more than the last.

It’s always us and them.

Us and them.

What’s the difference between those ordinary and extraordinary people?

The chances they are given?

Their upbringing?

Their genetics?

Initial wealth?


Or maybe it’s something as simple as attitude, resolve, determination or even will power… Perhaps, possibly, just try and imagine if it’s something else entirely.

So many will fail and fall short, making excuses and justifications for not being who they want to be. Instead they become who they think they should be. 

Is that really the answer? 

Stop living as who you think you are, start living as who you really are.

Yea. That’s it.