Let Down Again

I as sit quietly in this car with nothing but my thoughts it dawns on me. I believe I have once again been let down.

After much deliberation I decided to arrange an event for friends, colleagues and those people who I’ve never met.

It was nothing serious, but backed by popular demand.

I’m the only one here. 

It’s funny really. I will help where I can, as did my kinsman before me, but still I repeated their mistakes. I put too much faith in people, I give them too much credit that they will honour their words and once again I’ve played the role of the fool. 

Why is it I learn from all my lessons in life except this one?

I try to be humble, helpful and just. I just guess there is no place in the world for such things anymore, or at least not in the part of the world I reside.

We can but smile in the shadows of our own fading light. Smile and move on.