A Lesson in Pain

The greatest works of the world come from the most fractured minds, the most wounded souls, the one with broken hearts.


They see the world for what it is.

They see people for who they are.

They know the value of lessons and the pain from those lessons.

A lesson without pain is meaningless, but one with great pain will make you grow stronger, wiser & kinder. 

If you can struggle through the pain of the lesson you will have the strength to endure, you will have all the strength you ever need to know this one truth:

No matter how painful the lesson, you will be ok. 

A Beautiful Curse

We all like to think of ourselves as learned people, the truth is we are all stupid when it comes to Love.

Love is the single most destructive emotion we possess. Love can take us to the highest heights of euphoria and on the turn of the winds it can throw you in to a despair unlike any other.

There will be those people we love and then there will be the person we Love; or so we thought. No love is equal, it is always one sided, no two people love each other equally. We can only hope that we find someone we love enough that they see no one else will ever feel the same way about them.

Love is the fear of loneliness, it is desperation and it is nothing short of torture but when all is said and done, nothing makes you feel like you have a purpose in life quite like Love.

Love my friends is a beautiful curse.